NIE-ICMR e-Certificate Courses

NIE-ICMR e-Certificate Courses – NIeCer 101 – In health research methods, it is the health Research Fundamental which is a basic level course. In epidemiology and bio-statistics related to research methods, it will explain fundamental concepts. For designing bio-medical and health research studies among human participants, this course will provide an overview of steps and principles

Targeted Audience

Researchers, physicians, research associates, allied health professionals, any current or potential health researchers including students, clinical/ public health/ laboratory scientists, statisticians, ethics committee members and project managers

Pre-requisites of the Course

Undergraduate Medical/Dental/AYUSH students, graduate in any other discipline

The total duration of the Course –The NIE-ICMR e-certificate course will be conducted for 20 hours in 8 weeks

Preferred/practised learning mode

  • Video lectures
  • Presentation slides
  • MCQ quizzes
  • Readings

Prevalent certification exam shall be taken over upon course completion at designated centres by remitting the Exam fee of Rs 1100

Syllabus of the Course

The 8-week course is segmented into the following sections

Week 1

  • Conceptualizing a research study
  • Introduction to health research – Dr Sanjay Mehendale
  • Formulating the research hypothesis and objectives – Dr P Manickam
  • Literature review – Dr P Ganeshkumar

Week 2

  • Epidemiological considerations in designing a research study (1/2)
  • Measures of disease frequency – Dr R Ramakrishnan
  • Descriptive study designs – Dr Prabhdeep Kaur
  • Analytical study designs – Dr Manoj Murhekar

Week 3

  • Epidemiological considerations in designing a research study (2/2)
  • Experimental study designs: Clinical trials – Dr Sanjay Mehendale
  • The validity of epidemiological studies – Dr Tarun Bhatnagar
  • Qualitative research methods: An overview – Dr Tarun Bhatnagar


Week 4

  • Bio-statistical considerations in designing a research study
  • Measurement of study variables – Dr R Ramakrishnan
  • Sampling methods – Dr R Ramakrishnan
  • Calculating sample size and power – Dr R Ramakrishnan

Week 5                                      

  • Planning a research study (1/2)
  • Selection of study participants – Dr P Ganeshkumar
  • Study plan and project management – Dr Sanjay Mehendale
  • Designing data collection tools – Dr Tarun Bhatnagar

Week 6

  • Planning a research study (2/2)
  • Principles of data collection – Dr Prabhdeep Kaur
  • Data management – Dr P Manickam
  • Overview of data analysis – Dr P Manickam

Week 7

  • Conducting a research study
  • An ethical framework for health research – Dr Sanjay Mehendale
  • Conducting clinical trials – Dr Sanjay Mehendale

Week 8

  • Writing a research protocol
  • Preparing a concept paper for research projects – Dr P Manickam
  • Elements of a protocol for research studies – Dr Tarun Bhatnagar

Admission now opens for January 2019 session. The last date for registration is 04/02/2019 Click here for registration

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