No Cap on Visa for Indian students to study in UK

There will be no restriction on visa for Indian students to study in the United Kingdom (UK). The UK shed light on the announcement on Tuesday, February 20, 2017 that now Indian students are free to access world-class education in UK’s best universities.

The British High Commissioner to India Dominic Asquith illustrated that the UK has declared 600 Scholarships for Indian students aspiring to pursue higher education in the UK.

Dominic Asquith clarified that the UK has no constraints on Visas for students from India or anywhere else. All are considered equal. Whosoever visits UK for higher education will join nearly half a million foreign students for admission in the renowned universities with excellent education.

India has always requested the UK to loosen up student Visa rules so they can move freely for higher education.

Earlier, according to UK’s Visa rule, students were made to return back after completion of their courses which resulted in the number of Indian students registering for British universities drop by 50 %. As per record, the number of Visas granted to Indian students has collapsed significantly.

Asquith also mentioned that the UK is getting involved in various programs of the Indian government to encourage talent. The UK is by now supporting and spending in about 75 start-ups and it also endowed with fiscal services to women in India.

On average British companies invests 7 % of their incomes on providing training and skill to employees in India and are also building more prospects for women.

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