Out Door Games Vs TV watching

This has been a topic of discussion from many years. First, it used to be outdoor games versus indoor games; now it is an outdoor game versus TV watching.

Advantages of outdoors games are many, like children become physically strong their muscles become stronger and agile their stamina builds up. Apart from this, they get more of oxygen. Another benefit of being out in the open is you grow closer to nature, you get to see the bounties and beauties of life and this helps in stress busting. Moreover, a child who plays outdoors is also less susceptible to falling ill; he is indirectly doing physical exercise his lungs and heart are becoming stronger, and this will be beneficial to them throughout their lives due to this.

Researchers have found a disorder called “Nature Deficit Disorder”. This means that not playing outdoors and with nature (e.g. hiking or camping) is detrimental for kids. Children who lived closer to nature and had more opportunities to be in the natural world were less stressed out with life (Wells and Evans, 2003)

The first disadvantage of TV watching is getting into the habit of leading a sedentary lifestyle.  A child comes back from school changes his uniform takes a glass of milk and some snacks and goes and sits before a TV. At night too he finishes his studies and goes and takes over the TV remote. He either watches programmes or starts playing TV games.  Some people say TV and Video games also involve a lot of physical exercise running from one end of the room to the other, yes agreed that there are some games which involve a lot of physical exercises but where is the exposure to fresh air to nature?. They also found that violent video games have been shown to “produce” more violent children than children who play neutral video games (Willoughby, Adachi, and Good, 2012) or than those who play outside.

Other disadvantages of watching TV are, and these are the more severe disadvantages

  1. Sedentary lifestyle
  2. Obesity sitting in front of the TV munching on snacks can be a dangerous lifestyle giving rise to Obesity in children, and this can be the cause of many diseases.
  3. Preparing the ground for lifestyle diseases like coronary ailments and hypertension.
  4. The habit of becoming lazy
  5. Loss of agility
  6. Very bad for the eyesight.

Compare them with the few and rare advantages of TV watching like gathering general knowledge and staying at home –you will find that these advantages can be easily got from other sources and they are heavily outweighed by the disadvantages.

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