Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University PDPU offers Petroleum Management

Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University When you think of a stable, but an exciting industry which is going to break through into another period of growth, which industry comes to your mind? Will you like to be a part of that industry? If so, surprisingly the industry is Energy and the field is quite open as the industry gets ready to embrace and revamp itself with the new management techniques. The update of industries like power, petroleum, energy, etc. was long pending and finally, this requirement has been acknowledged by the industry and reciprocated by colleges like Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University or PDPU.

The university’s bold step to open a school of petroleum management is a right step among many that the education industry is taking to create professionals who can bridge the gap and look to the change management in this industry. India imports almost 2 billion barrels of oil a year and its impacts on our economy are huge. A minor saving in this regard can even be a game changer for a nation where more than 2 billion people live and where the number of vehicles is continuously growing.

While the school forays into the four major specializations of Management, that is Finance, Marketing, Operations and Human Resource management, these courses are primarily directed towards the aforementioned industries. The School also provides lucrative industry-specific courses Brand Management in E & I, City Gas distribution, Carbon Finance, etc. which are driven to enable students to be more employable in the sectors of Energy.

The course offers 22 different electives in energy and infrastructure management to provide a wide array of options to diversify and spread their knowledge to benefit these industries. As we are sure about the demand for management professionals for the purpose of petroleum, energy and power industry and the perfect fit of this course as per the requirements, let us also look into the scope provided for prospective students.

This is an ideal match for any candidate working in those industries and looking for quick growth by skipping a few corporate steps and leaping on others. The process of knowledge and the management expertise gained in those courses can guarantee them fast progress to higher management positions. For new college graduates, it is a ticket to a stable yet exciting life while for many others it’s a unique opportunity to enter these industries that have a very high entree barrier. There are also great scopes in Government, automotive, logistics and NGO space where the changes in the above-mentioned industries can cause huge tsunamis. The organizations are aware of this possibility and are looking to hire specialized personnel to ride the wave rather than being trampled by it. This is a unique chance to turn your life upside down, go and grab it.

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