Peerless Skill Academy offers Healthcare Educational Courses

Peerless Skill Academy – At offering educational courses in the healthcare and hospitality sectors, Indian business conglomerate Peerless group has come up with an academy in Kolkata named Peerless Skill Academy (PSA), inaugurated on 28, September, the academy offer’s ten healthcare and hospitality courses.

The courses will be conducted at the group’s hotel and hospital. The courses are likely to benefit students of Kolkata and nearby areas by giving them opportunities to get training. From several sector skill councils, PSA has also gained accreditation from the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) under Skill India Mission and affiliation.

Healthy Collaboration

From the promoters of the Peerless group, the collaboration is to provide skill development training and empowerment of women, youth and underprivileged in partnership with Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission (RKM), PSA is promoted by the B.K. Roy Foundation (BKRF), a public charitable trust. A not-for-profit institution is the face of PSA when it collaborates with RKM. For students, it will offer concessional fees and will be supported by corporate social responsibility (CSR) contributions for economically weaker students.

A majority of the programmes will be self-employment and entrepreneurship oriented. By the academy once the students are certified by NSDC, they can either be placed or they can venture out on their own, to empower them suitably by linking them to the supply chain, organizing bank loans, creating self-help group, tie-ups with bulk procurers or intermediaries or recruiters, etc., towards end of the courses, PSA will endeavour. To link some of their HR need to be outsourced from PSA, it will also have a full corporate connect.

With 15 centres, PSA started operations mostly in Bengal, of which eight are RKM centres with 45 courses. Asansol, Purulia, Belur, Sarisha, Sargachi, Kamarpukur, Tamluk, Contai and Bankura are the RKM centres. To train more than 90,000 students in seven years and go pan-India in two to three years’ time, the other centres are Habra, Chinsura, Ghatal, Behala, Kolkata S1 and Kolkata S2. PSA-RKM has plans.

Prospect of Healthcare Management

In the pharmaceuticals sector, government agencies, insurance organisations, hospitals and consulting firms in the health sector, an MBA in Health Care and Hospital Management may appeal to those interested. As a specialist in healthcare management, you may be required to respond to various critical management problems faced by hospitals and other agencies under the health sector. You might find employment opportunities in areas of marketing, IT, human resource development, medical colleges, health insurance or the pharmaceutical industry on completion of this course.

You may work as a healthcare manager, hospital administrator, pharmaceutical project manager or health care finance manager. As a manager, your responsibility may involve planning, directing and supervising day-to-day operations including facilitating daily financial transactions, budgets, and analysis.

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