Pet Grooming Course

As is evident from the name Pet groomers groom pets which means they bathe, style, brush and maintain the appearance of dogs and cats. Most pet groomers work in grooming salons, pet retail stores, kennels, or animal health clinics.

There is no standard formal education for pet groomers, although pet groomers usually have a high school diploma or equivalent. Most groomers take training under some famous groomers who train them in proper looking after and caring for pets. There is also a yearlong training programme which teaches the groomer various methods of how to safely handle pets, brush them. Bathe them and make them beautifully presentable with new ideas of dressing etc. This, also includes styling clipping of nails, the styling of animal coats and also trimming them and providing other maintenance services.

After gaining experience and expertise in the apprenticeship programme, the groomers get entry-level jobs in salons. Apart from this there are 50 states approved dog –grooming schools that have a course which may last anything between two weeks to several months.

But most employers prefer experience to qualification when they employ groomers. Pet groomers are required to handle safely, transport animals, provide appearance care and successfully communicate with animals with love and affection. They are also expected to have excellent communication skills because they also have a deal with pet owners and help them understand the needs of their pets better. Groomers must also have skills such as customer service and clerical skills as their job also includes answering phones, schedule appointments and relay significant animal health problems to the owners. And the most important qualification that pet groomers should have is the love for and passion for working with animals.

Job Experience

It is one job where experience is the most important criteria for employment. Pet groomers must have 1-3 years of grooming experience.  One year experience and apprenticeship are enough to get a job at entry level. Some employers also put their newly hired groomers in the care of experienced personnel on their own. No certificates and degrees required for this profession, but it would be good to be a 12th pass.

Fuzzy Wuzzy is India’s first institute which trains personnel in Pet grooming and also provides placements and the necessary know-how and requirements if a student wants to set up his shop. This is the only pet grooming school supported by YASHBANS India’s top kennel and which provides the candidates with show dogs and show cats for practising every day.

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