Advanced Integrated Communication Program at Xavier Institute of Communications

The Xavier Institute of Communications offers an Advanced Integrated Communication Program that is a part-time postgraduate course aimed at working professionals. The program emphasizes the design and implementation of different communication techniques for achieving success. It takes a consolidated look at the subject of Communications instead of looking at the different parts of it separately. It is necessary for effective communication that all the elements of Marketing Communication like Sales Promotions, Public Relations Campaigns, and so on must come together into the more prominent marketing objective for the client. This results in the organisation delivering a “One Voice – One Message” campaign and managing effective change through the right communication.

In this program, regardless of which different domain like Marketing or Advertising individual works in, the final impact will always be more critical when the integration of communication alternatives organisation. This particular course addresses those working in Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing, Media, Production, and other related domains.

Course Structure

At Xaviers Institute of Communication, The Advanced Integrated Communication course consists of 25 modules, seminars, and workshops, making a total of 200 sessions / 40 credits. Completing the modules makes the student eligible for getting the diploma. Students are required to attend classes during the weekends, complete assignments and projects that are based on research so that they understand the subject better.

A large part of the program focuses by practice to theory and relies on case studies to enhance the learning to students who have a right amount of work experience.

Program Eligibility

To get admission to the Advanced Integrated Communication program you must have the following:

  • Be a graduate from any discipline with a minimum of two years of work experience in a non-staff position, that is, preferably in an executive or supervisory role.
  • It is desirable that you have organisational sponsorship for the program, but it is not mandatory. However, you need to have a letter from the organization where you work, that they are aware that you are joining this program.

Course Timings

  • The course will be conducted from 3:30 PM – 7:45 PM on Saturdays and from 10 AM – 5 PM on Saturdays. Occasionally, the sessions might start earlier than 3:30 PM on Saturdays.
  • There will be 200 sessions in the program, coming to a total of 400 hours.
  • The program will be conducted at either the XIC campus in the St. Xavier’s school campus or at the XIC campus in the St. Xavier’s college. Both locations are in Dhobitalao, Mumbai

Remember that 75% attendance is required for getting the diploma.

Job Opportunities

Employees who work in communication or related organisations will benefit a great deal from the holistic approach of the program.

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