Post Graduate Nurse Practitioner Critical Care Program

The healthcare system in India is changing very fast to meet the growing demands of a large population. Nurses are now expected to increase the scope of their services beyond general practice. Specialist nurses with advanced education are a necessity to support very specialised healthcare services. Keeping this in mind, the Indian Nurses Councilor INC has made the Nurse Practitioner in the Critical Care post-graduate residency program. This program intends to prepare registered BSc nurses for providing advanced nursing care to critically ill patients. The responsibility will be focused on stabilising the patients’ condition, minimising acute complications, and maximising health restoration.

The program comprises various courses of study that are based on strong scientific fundamentals like evidence-based practice and management of complex health management systems. After completing this program, the qualified nurses are allowed to administer drugs and order tests, procedures, medical equipment, and therapies independently. They are accountable for the following:

  • Selection or admission of a patient into ICU and their discharge
  • Identification of the problem through appropriate assessment
  • Choice or administration of medication, therapies, or devices
  • Education of patients for the use of therapeutics
  • Knowledge of interaction of therapeutic, if necessary
  • Evaluation of outcomes
  • Recognition and management of adverse reactions and complications

Program Description

This program is a nursing residency program, mainly focused on competency-based training. The program duration is of two years, and the curriculum consists of the theory that includes some core courses, advanced practice courses, and clinical courses besides clinical practicum – this is the main component.

Program Aim

The critical care program helps nurses to become ready for advanced roles as managers, clinical experts, consultants and educators.

Program Objectives

After completing this program, the Nurse Practitioner will be able to:

  • Take responsibility and accountability for providing competent care to critically ill patients and appropriate family care in tertiary care centres
  • Demonstrate expertise in diagnostic reasoning, sophisticated monitoring, therapies, and so on – as a part of providing critical care
  • Apply theoretical, pharmacological, and pathophysiological concepts and evidence base for implementing treatments
  • Identity the patients’ condition using differential diagnosis can treat or intervene to stabilise the patients’ health, minimising and managing complications either independently or as part of a critical care team
  • Work with other health care professionals in the critical care.

Institute Requirements

For an institute to offer the Nurse Practitioner program, it must meet some minimum requirements. They are:

  • Essentiality Certificate
  • A minimum 200-bed hospital
  • A minimum of 4 ICUs
  • Qualified ICU staffing
  • Faculty and staff resources
  • Physical and learning resources at the hospital or college
  • A list of ICU equipment as specified by INC

Student Admission Requirements

To get admitted to the Nurse practitioner program, a student must have:

  • Registered BSc nurse from an institution recognised by INC with a minimum of one-year clinical experience
  • Not less than 55% marks in BSc
  • Pass an entrance examination and interview

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