Preference of colleges with placements to those without placements

Placements mean providing jobs to candidates placing candidates on jobs in different companies. Placement is the ultimate goal of a student. Every student wants to get a job as soon as he finishes his studies, so naturally, anyone would prefer colleges which provide placements over those which do not provide placements.

There are colleges that invite companies to come and hold campus Interviews in their college premises and the companies send their representatives who make selections and hire the deserving candidates.

Most big companies accept the invitation of the colleges to visit their campus and select their future employees from among the students. This is done through written tests, and interviews all in the college campus instead of at the employer’s venue. Campus selection is a good method of selecting proper candidates who are fit for a particular job. At times it so happens that it is quite possible that the perfect candidate who is tailor made for a job may not even apply in this company due to many reasons may be he has overlooked the vacancy and both he and  the company miss each other.  But if the company is visiting colleges for campus selection then both of them will find each other. Not getting a job is the ultimate fear of every person and his/her parents and if that problem is solved at the college campus then what more is wanted. It is half of life’s battle won.

Everyone prefers colleges with placement facilities as against those without because it fulfils the dream and objective of education “to get a job “if this is done from the campus itself then what can be better than that. No job hunting, no travelling, no buying of application forms, no wasting money on buying application forms at exorbitant prices, no searching the newspapers for vacancies. Everything is taken care of by the college itself. So it’s only natural that people would prefer such colleges.

Campus placements are also an indication that the candidate is so talented that he/she has been selected even before having passed the exam.

But like everything good, there is also a bad side to this placement practise. It was noticed a few years back that a certain college had collaborations with certain companies that they would employ students from their colleges and keep them in employment for at least 1or2months and then terminate their services these companies did take students from these colleges but terminated their services after a few months. This sort of things should not happen as they spoil the names of good endeavours with good intentions. But thankfully these are very rare cases and hopefully will not happen again. Are you confused on whether you will get placed once you completed your graduation or post graduations?

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