Problems faced by small town students

Small town students when they come to the cities for higher education find themselves in an absolutely alien atmosphere, friendless and alone. Everything is so new to their eyes be it the glitz and glamour of the neon lights or the trendy behaviour of the people all around. Everything requires them to adjust. They have to adjust their living style, food habits, dressing sense, style of talking, even their moral values It’s always been happening when a small town boy comes to big cities he has to face two social setups. He suddenly discovers that what he had all along been thinking to be wrong was not actually wrong the modern world was using that as a way of life but then he questions himself if what his parents had been teaching was wrong.

It’s during this process of adjusting that some are able to cope while some get lost. Some fall prey to depression also and even commit suicides.

He is lost in the milieu and at times succumbs to the temptations of big city life where he is also faced with peer pressure. In order to become one with them he even falls prey to antisocial elements. The worst is when his own parents refuse to understand his dilemma. They take the whole thing lightly and ask him to adjust at times he also faces rebuke as to how is it that he is being confronted with problems whereas his friends are taking everything in their stride. Instead of support and understanding, he is meted out rebuke and insult. This is worse than the ragging he is facing at college because he has no one to turn to and gradually starts considering himself a failure. This puts him into depression and the boy or girl who was once considered intelligent is pushed into self-pity or even frustration on thinking that he is unable to live up to his parents expectations, unable to fulfil their wishes, thus leading to depression, hysteria, and self-destruction.

All parents of small town should be very sympathetic with their children. They should always try to boost their moral, always try to understand their fears and most importantly never insult or belittle them because it’s always the parents whom a child looks up to be it in the kindergarten or at post graduate level a child’s ambition is to see recognition in his parent’s eyes. He is not hurt if he is rebuked in class or if he fails in an exam because he feels he can go back to his parents, they are the ones who are his they will understand him always. But if he does find sympathy for them, he is heartbroken and takes some drastic steps, leaving us with regrets.

So it’s for the parents to give support to their children always more so to the boy who is sent to fend and adjust in an alien atmosphere.

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