Proper dressing style in college

There is an old saying that “clothes make a person “and this was said by no less a person than Shakespeare himself. What these words mean are that the way you dress tells about your character.

So it is important that you should dress properly and decently suiting to the situation and place you are in. There is an unwritten dress code which is to be followed by all.

There are places which demand a particular kind of attire. In school you are supposed to wear the uniform as also in the defence forces, in office you are to wear a formal dress, inside a factory you are to be seen in overalls and at home, you can relax and wear whatever you feel like.

Similarly, college requires you to dress in a certain manner. You are just out of school and free from the disciplinary attitude the bondage of having to follow rules in college you feel free and you have dreams in your eyes. You have heard so much about the freedom of college life, the no uniform dress code, the bunking classes’ freedom, no bags, no set timings etc that you may tend to get carried away. You may stray from the right path and indulge in very trendy dress styles which may be all right to be worn at a get-together or a party but a bit too flashy for an educational institution.

Don’t forget that a college is a place of education, sort of temple and a temple requires you to be decently dressed.

A flashy party dress may be good where you are among your relatives and friends who will not cross the limits of decency and who know you but in a college, you are new to everyone They will form their impression about you by the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you behave. There will be your teachers who will observe your behavior pattern and judge you accordingly.

So please bear in mind that though you don’t have to follow a dress code or adhere to a uniform but you are expected to decently dress. Wear trendy clothes those that are in fashion but don’t be too flashy, don’t let vulgarity creep in, don’t let people think wrong about you Especially for girls a certain decency should be maintained, We are living in a society which unfortunately is not very permissive and which unfortunately has double standards regarding boys and girls So instead of treading on dangerous paths it will be wise if we follow the unwritten law and play safe. As for rebelling and showing their worth let girls cross all limits and go in for higher education and challenging professions and prove themselves to the world –but not by crossing the limits of decency laid by society.

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