Prospect of B.Des in Footwear Design and Development Institute

Footwear Industry

Footwear and Products Industry holds a prominent place in the Indian economy in terms of employment generation and exports earnings. India has a 2.6 percent share in the global leather trade and this sector ranks eighth in terms of the country‘s foreign exchange earnings from the industry. The sector has tremendous potential for growth and employment generation by the abundance of raw materials, skilled manpower, innovative technology, and the strong presence of the allied industries. The government of India has also recognized this as the Priority sector under Make in India initiative and targets to enhance the turnover to the US $ 27 billion by 2020 (from the present turnover of US $ 12.60 billion) and employment from 3.1 million people to 6 million in next 5 years. India is today the most favourable sourcing and manufacturing base destination for the leading countries like Italy, Germany, UK, USA, Hong Kong, France, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium.

Educating about the industry

Ultimately it is for development and growth of the sector the School of Footwear Design and Production is in existence from very inception ( i.e. 1986) and is having global recognition for nurturing high-end professionals and extending international level for consultancy support to the sector, in the selected parts of Footwear Design, Production and Management.

Overview of FDDI

FDDI being an “Institution of National Importance” is amongst the four Institutes in the world offering higher education in Footwear and Product Design, Manufacturing and Management. The international linkages and tie-ups, structured blending of the technical training and the application based managerial specialization in the area of Production, Marketing, Design, Merchandising and Retail Management, the Alumni have witnessed high career opportunities in Production and Planning, Designing, Footwear Fashion/Styling and CAD, Marketing, Merchandising, Buying/Sourcing, Costing and Quality Management, Shop Floor operations and in the back end of Footwear Retailing sector both in India and abroad.

Program Insight

The two-year program is focused on in-depth understanding of Footwear (Leather & Non-Leather) Manufacturing, Marketing, Merchandising, Design, International Business and Maintenance. The Programme encourages the Research-based study of the relevant area to take up higher challenges in the relevant Industry and also extends the further scope of perusing higher education, research and innovation.

Besides having the Manufacturing technology, Design and in-depth knowledge on Materials Design & Innovation the specialization are offered in the area of Fashion Footwear & Product Manufacturing and Innovation, Non-Leather Footwear & Product Manufacturing, Designing, Safety Footwear & Products and Ethnic Footwear Manufacturing Technology, Goods, Garments & Accessories Manufacturing Technology, International Business and Footwear Retailing. The relevant Management subjects such as Product Costing, Testing & Quality Control with Six Sigma and Productivity Improvement Techniques, Marketing & Market Research, Product Merchandising along with Industrial Training and Extramural Projects are an integral part of the training program.

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