Radio Jockey as a career

About three decades ago the people we knew as Radio Announcers have now become Radio Jockeys, their roles too have changed and include fields like informing the audience, updating the audience and entertaining the audience. They have other names also and that is Radio DJs. These Radio jockeys or DJ’s present music programmes and at the same time keep their audience interested by updating them with the latest news or holding interviews with celebrities and also with the ordinary people, just anything to keep the audience interested in you. The Radio Jockeys or DJs become so popular that they are invited to hold live shows and programmes are advertised depending on their presence.

The basic requirement is a 10+2 .for admissions into specific courses offered, though there are not many courses for this profession

All India Radio holds auditions every three months and the selected candidates are given individual coaching for two months in which they are taught the various audio technologies, for getting into this course you should be a graduate in any field. Some institutes also offer classes in communication and broadcasting. Short-term workshops in diction, creative thinking and music appreciation are also of help. What is most important is and your ability to control it according to the situation. Vocabulary and pronunciation should be precise. You should know how to modulate the pitch and tenor of your voice. For different radio programmes, one is required to modulate one’s voice differently. It is essential for a person to be spontaneous, and have a pleasing, friendly personality. A good voice and a strong command over language is the crucial attribute.

Listening to other DJs and learning from their style to other famous and renowned Radio Jockeys and learn from their style.

Some universities offering courses are
Jamia Millia Islamia University
Indian Institute of Mass Communication
JNU new campus
Amity School of Journalism & Communication
Asian Academy of Film & Television
Wigan & Leigh College, New Delhi
Sardar Patel College of Communication & Management,
 New Delhi
Institute of Mass Communication, Manipal

 Job Opportunities range from FM radios channel to event management companies, live shows, award functions. Even TV Channels employ people with a kind of expertise. The most famous names and stalwarts who have contributed towards making radio announcing favourite in India are the Great Amin Sayani, his brother Hamid Sayan, Shiv Kumar Saroj these were the pioneers in the field and were known as Radio Announcers. Most recently after the makeover to being called DJs, we have had trendy ones like RJ SRee, RJ Radhika, Rakesh and Pragya at BIG FM etc
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