Re-employment cases get guidelines from Haryana Government

Haryana Government

To earn public understanding and acceptance of policies and programmes of Government and convey the message that Government’s is serving for the welfare of people and for all-round development of the state is the ultimate objective of Information, Public Relations and Languages Department. To make the people aware about the welfare schemes of the government is its main purpose so that the benefits percolate down to the grassroots level.

Functions of Public Relations

By using a visual for some other means or through the spoken word or written word, Public Relations is all about communicating with the public. Gone are the days when the Public Relations activity used to be confined only to publicity. With the passage of time, we see that a lot of scientific approaches has gone into it due to which there is a marked shift from Publicity to Public Relations. In order to achieve some meaningful results, PR activity has become a thoroughly planned activity. The emphasis now is not so much on procedures; rather it is on the suitable action so as to achieve the desired results, keeping in view the requirements of accountability.

Guidelines for Re-employment cases

To follow regarding re-employment after the age of 58 years, the current retirement age, Haryana Government has issued guidelines for all departments. “For a maximum period of two years only (beyond the age of retirement) for departments involved in maintaining law and order, regulatory work, work of administrative importance, infrastructure development and public utilities, the services of certain categories or classes of officials would be allowed, “an official spokesman said here yesterday. He said, Of officials whose services are essential for efficient delivery of aims and objectives of the organization, the administrative department would identify classes or categories.


“The promotional avenues of junior or other officials should not be adversely affected. The extension would be proposed only if an eligible candidate is not available for the promotion post from feeder cadre for at least two years. Good service record would be non-negotiable,” he said. A majority of annual confidential reports of the officials should be good or above and there should be no pending disciplinary action, he added.

After the approval of the council of ministers, In case of employees, whose term of re-employment is still continuing till the expiry of their current re-employment, this would not apply as per the statement by the spokesman.

In case of doctors of health or ESI department, the age of retirement and period of re-employment would be as per the provisions contained in a notification dated November 21, 2016.

“These instructions will supersede instructions issued by Chief Secretary dated February 2, 2016, and January 21, 2018, only in so far as the matter of re-employment is concerned,” he said.

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