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French-based tie-up

Between individuals or institutions is important in initiating successful research collaboration and a productive and well-established formal relationship. This formal relationship should include agreed deliverables that form the basis of the collaborative arrangement. In collaboration with the French Embassy, IIT KGP recently organized a two-day R&D Club meeting for India-based French Companies. The collaborative event was aimed to promote academic and research collaborations and people exchange between industrial sector in France and India. For deep scientific cooperation, while enabling enterprises and companies to work with researchers in India, the event focused on defining and delivering joint academic programs.

Among some of the key French corporate houses which participated were Saint-Gobain, Total Oil, Solvay, Lumiplan and others. Of both countries and the Consulate General of France in Kolkata, the Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (CEFIPRA) which is funded by governments and was also among the participants.

Indo-French relationship

IIT KGP proposed an idea for establishing joint critical science institute – an Indo-French Institute led by IIT Kharagpur where all the IITs and select French companies could be partners. “The role of the central coordinating institute would be played by none other than IIT KGB and would be happy to take the proposal to the Government of India provided the French corporations and government bodies are interested. Instead of building one to one relationship” opined Partha Pratim Chakrabarti Such collaboration will cut across disciplines and bring in people in large scale, director, IIT KGP.

Baidurya Bhattacharya, Dean, International Relations. With top French brands in India such as Airbus, TOTAL, IIT KGP at present has collaborations. On the second day of the event the delegation visited various laboratories and interacted with the faculty members. A lot of domains have been highlighted by the Institute including clean energy, rubber technology, advanced manufacturing, urban infrastructure, petroleum engineering etc.

Franchise establishment

To focus more on people to people exchange including student exchange seems to be the keen interest of the French Consul General Damien Syed

The Indo-France heritage corridor of Bengal and a French vertical in the National Digital Library are the two important areas that were identified. “France is a powerhouse of art and culture on one hand and science and technology on other. With four French universities for collaborative opportunities in all areas we are in the advanced stages of signing MoUs” said Baidurya Bhattacharya, Dean, International Relations. With top French brands in India such as Airbus, it has to be mentioned that IIT KGP, at present has some of the great collaborations with top French brands.

The significance of research collaborations

A smooth execution of collaborative projects and increases your chances of success upon enabling a well-defined and agreed-on division of responsibilities between the participants. A highly responsible attitude and diligence is required beyond such collaboration. An irresponsible and careless attitude in any collaborative action will bring disaster in the form of wasted time and resources, and could severely damage the reputation of scholars and underestimate the relationships between the individuals and organizations involved.

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