Role of Gadgets in a students life

Gadgets have entered everyone’s life these days be they students, teachers, working men and women, housewives even people from the senior citizen section of society. We are all dependent on them in some way or the other Students have their set of gadgets which are a mix of the whole family’s kitty. They share the computer, the mobile, the internet, the mixer the coffee maker you name them they need it and in addition, they also make use of gadgets like computers, computer games, video games etc  These gadgets together with other ones like smart-phones, tablets etc play an important role in a students life.

Gadgets are addictive no doubt but they have their plus points too computer games, video games, according to educationist video games and computer games if played in moderation enhance the child’s, reasoning abilities, analyzing abilities, alertness, fast responses, thus making their brains get ample exercise. Similarly, the use of the internet is such a boon for students, a click of the mouse and they have a whole library before them, search engines provide instant knowledge and also save a lot of time and money and energy, which can be utilized in studying.

But like they say there is always the good side and the bad side of a coin. The same video games and computer games which are acclaimed for creating alertness, enhancing, reasoning abilities and competitive skills become a bane and matter of concern for parents, educationists, and sociologists. Because addiction to these not only plays havoc with their daily lives but also creates sociological problems. One of the main reasons given by sociologists for the growing violence in society is excessive indulgence in playing in video games. Access to the internet which is supposed to be a good source of collecting knowledge also opens the world before a student, and the world is not always a good place, there are objectionable movies, incidents and also games which should be out of bounds for children, adult movies, games even news items should not be made available to the impressionable minds. There are many things which only a mature mind can grasp and if an immature or young mind is exposed to it will react in an absolutely wrong way, the mind will either get polluted or confused.

It is therefore important that a track should be kept on what a child is watching,, what kind of games is he playing, how long is he indulging in these games, with what kind of people is he watching movies or playing games what kind of sites is he visiting and if on the social media what kind of friends is he making . There are certain family filters which keep a check on this they see to it that the kid is under control and there is a check on his activities. Passwords also take care of this but at times parents when they are busy or tired tend to let the child know what the computer password is. This should not happen. The use of family filters and a constant vigil is the need of the hour so that your child can reap the benefits of all modern gadgetry.
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