Scholarship Programme by IIT KGP is ready to cater to SAARC Nationals

IIT KGP SAARC Nationals Scholarship ProgrammeA full scholarship programme for SAARC nationals will be launched by the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, said a press release of late. Across all levels of study, the programme will be open for full-time students – undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies in SAARC countries outside India.

For 2019 including summer and winter terms, the institute will be reaching out to universities and embassies of these countries as well as through the Ministry of External Affairs, this month opening up the enrolment

Primary Focus                        

Focusing on students from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, the first batch of the programme will be open for 10 students with funding from US-based alumnus and petrochemical industrialist Dr Asoke Dey Sarkar.

Funding for their airfare, tuition fee, living expenses, local transport as well as medical insurance, the first edition will be operated by IITKG.

IITKG Professor’s Statement

“A common heritage will be shared by SAARC nations. A common future and a common vision of prosperity will also be shared as well by us. s with students who are comparable to the best in the world, there are some excellent educational institutions in our neighbouring countries”, said, Dean, International Relations at IIT KGP Prof Baidurya Bhattacharya.

At IIT KGP, the students will be required to explore the courses and research areas and identify the experts as mentors.

The students will be required to appear for a video interview, in addition to the formal application.
All areas of engineering and technology, biosciences, social sciences, economics, management, the law will be covered by the students.

Including collaborative research with international partners of IIT Kharagpur, Students can also work on research projects which will include areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, climate change, high-speed and intelligent transportation, affordable healthcare, clean energy, etc, the release added.

Educational concerns at IIT KGP

At present, the Institute has 19 Departments, 13 Schools and 9 Centres of Excellence apart from more than 25 R&D units.

The additional academic programs offered include

  • Tech. (15 programs)
  • Arch, Dual Degree (35 programs)
  • MBA
  • MHRM
  • LLB
  • MMST
  • MCP
  • Sc/ M.Tech/ MS (67 programs)
  • PhD programs

Let it be any interest, during B.Tech. or M.Tech. in 2-Year M.Tech. or Dual Degree Programs, they are all here under one umbrella and these can be studied as elective papers for minor or micro-specialization.

  • Nano Science & Technology
  • Energy Science
  • Environment Science & Technology
  • Bio-energy
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Business Management
  • Financial Engineering

Specialities of classroom teaching at IIT Kharagpur:

  • Ensuring better focus on every student, higher faculty-student ratio will be handled in a smaller size of the class.
  • World-class technical facilities in the classrooms
  • Availability of Moodle
  • Discussion Forum

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