School Education Department constitutes 15 flying squads in Nashik

In an apparent effort to check the quality of education, infrastructure and other facilities of the schools in Nashik, the Maharashtra School Education Department has constituted 15 flying squads, as per a TOI report.

Nitin Bacchhav told the daily that these flying squads have been formed for all 15 tehsils to make sure that timely inspections of all schools in the current academic year, noted the report. What is more, the Government of Maharashtra had issued directives to all education officers to form such squads across the State.

“The squads will spring surprise visits to 4,504 government run schools to check whether the government schemes are implemented or not. Furthermore, these flying squads also conduct surprise tests for students and compare the score with the latest internal test scores registered in schools”, the official added.

Apparently, each squad will have three officials that includes a superintendent level official as its leader. Also, an extension officer from any department will be the second in command, while the centre head of a government school, local expert in education, or a senior expert in the field of education constitutes the third member. The trio will check whether the schools are implementing the Pragat Sahaikshanik Maharashtra Scheme, quality of mid-day meal, records, and the use of funds, noted the report.

As part of awareness campaign, the State government has already opened domains such as Saral, where schools submit their records on various parameters. In order to be more effective, the flying squad members will cross-check these records, Bacchhav told the daily.


The flying squad members are empowered to pronounce rectifications and even issue punishment to the school, if they find severe contradiction in records and reality, said the report. If the members find major lacunas, they will report the matter to the education officer the official said and added, “This is an year-long exercise. As of now there is no set monthly target. They have the list of all schools in their jurisdiction. Subsequently, they will keep conducting surprise visits to schools throughout the year.”

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