Scope of Engineering as a career

Engineering-  Over recent years, the demand for good engineers has remained constant even though the number of engineers in India has multiplied. For higher education among students, engineering continues to be a popular option as indicated by the rising number of candidates who appear for engineering entrance exams like JEE Main (previously known as AIEEE) and JEE Advanced (formerly known as IIT-JEE.). The popularity of engineering is that it is one of the few professions where creativity meets originality and innovation.

Significant rationale to pursue Engineering

Engineering colleges offer a variety of specialities. An engineering course could give you flexibility if you’re not sure what to focus on in science.

A well-paying profession can be defined as a professional Engineering stream. Even though the starting salary may not be at par with a doctor or other professional position, the long-term potential growth and opportunities offer the potential for reasonable remuneration. In the US, engineering geologists can expect job growth of 21 per cent between 2010 and 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (

After completion of the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), an engineering course can offer you diverse career options. From an excellent international university, you can either opt for a Master of Science (M.Sc.)  or pursue an MBA, which can help you gain management skills in addition to technical skills. Apart from these options, there are conventional concentrations such as mechanical, electrical and electronics that generally have a steady demand. Other emerging opportunities such as nanotechnology and biotechnology are gaining steam.

Pros and Cons of Engineering

For growth, ahead starts with good companies, tremendous opportunities and a variety of career options are just some of the positive aspects of engineering. To be creative, who can be very satisfying, you can use your technical finesse.

To the profession, in spite of the numerous positives, like every field, there are some negatives attached. In India, Engineering has become an ordinary degree, and so students may have to stress what distinguishes themselves from others with the same training. To expected returns, it is also said that the amount of work that you need to put in is high relative

Face of Engineers

To discover something new, an engineer should have curiosity and a bent of mind. Through the formulas and concepts, it is unlikely that you would want to make a career in the same if you merely study science with the objective to score and do not find much interest in the experiments and the numerous applications possible.

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