Significance of Distance Education courses

Need for Distance Education – For the human community, after food, it is education that has posed to be the second most significant challenge. It is a sector where the governments of the world countries have pumped-in more funds, but unfortunately, education hasn’t reached the grass root level of the human community, even now.

The consequences have been disastrous. On the one hand we in the fields such as literature, software technology, engineering, management, medical, and biotechnology, we have some of the most outstanding men. We also have substantial inhabit, on the other; some of the most illiterates in the globe today. What a striking contrast! But from the stark reality, there is no point in shying away.

The rate of illiteracy could be sorted out by some of the refined techniques. In the mainstream of Distance Education, many wish to join. Due to the lack of proper facilities, the fire to study and educate oneself is no doubt a healthy indication, but that often got drained. With the emergence of distance education, it was a stumbling block that was removed.

Distance Education

For those who desire further studies, distance education has opened a new window of opportunities. To accomplish their unfulfilled dreams, in a way it has helped numerous professionals, dropouts (school & college), homemakers, etc., particularly in a country like India, It has immense relevance where pursuing education is a pricey affair.

To provide cost-effective, quality education to large sections of our population including those living in remote and far-flung areas is the whole purpose of delivering distance education. Even we at National Network of Education (NNE) are already in the mainstream of disseminating the education information to all users free of cost. We receive scores of career queries every day, which again is a shining testimony of the great curiosity among the discerning users to know about the various options that education has to offer.

Distance education was embraced by many good universities to meet the ever-increasing expectations of those students who had deficient means to pursue higher education regularly. And hence, distance education in India has become very popular today. In the formal system of education, there were a lot of limitations which a lot of students are not able to undertake.

And hence towards distance learning mode of school, they are getting attracted. While learning is some of the significant advantages of distance education available education, a study from home, more quality & less expensive, earning. And this is the reason it is growing at a great pace in India.

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