Significant Benefits of Education in Russia

Education in Russia – Education is not just text but an overall experience for a student who aspires to explore the various aspects of knowledge.  Russia caters some of the finest standards of education in addition to noted geographical persona attracting a lot of international students. Here, we have listed the various factors that account Russia in the book of an ideal destination for international education.

Russian- The Language

Many students get scared by some of the most common introductory grammatical clauses that are actually quite complex in the Russian language. The Russian Language occurs to be quite hard especially for the beginners.  It should be considered that practising the language only in a classroom does not do any favour. Compared to other European languages, this is probably even truer for the Russian language. To gain any kind of fluency in the language, you really do need to immerse yourself in everyday speaking environments.

In abroad, when locals tend to answer them in English, many students practice their language skills tend to be disappointed. Though in Russia, students need not worry about the language barrier. When foreigners make an effort to speak their language, Russians are usually flattered.

Handling Comfort Zone

When compared to spending a year in Europe, studying in Russia is definitely a different experience. In terms of everyday life, Russia is a modern country that has everything you need. On par with what you’d find in the West, supermarkets, shopping centres and public transport are all over the country. The beauty of the place is you don’t have to sacrifice any material comfort to experience it. Initially, though Russia may shock you on arrival, you’ll soon come to realize that you’re not a million miles from home.

 People in Russia

There is a popular saying that Russia’s charm lies in its people. Comprising of both weird and wonderful things, you can meet all sorts of interesting and unique people in Russia. In fact, students who have studied abroad in both Spain and Russia distinguished the two experiences. According to them, In Almeria, it was cosy, and students could generally hang around with other students whereas, in Russia, you’d step out the door and not know what to expect. All of a sudden you could meet a boy on the give you fashion tips at the bus stop. On the whole, once you come back after your studies, you could have a lot of Russian stories with you as a central character.

Experiencing the world-class universities

A whopping 54% of people between ages 25 and 64 have university degrees while Russia, as a nation, places a high value on education. The quality of Russian universities attracts over 250,000 foreign students annually owing to the phenomenal respect for education. Many prestigious universities, such as MGIMO and St. Petersburg State University, also offer courses to foreigners in English.

The fact that there are few Russian universities that are high up the world rankings (Moscow State University is the highest in 95th place arguably has more to do with the fact that most only recently began to adopt the standard American system of academic departments. You’ll be thrown right in the mix with Russian students who tend to be highly intelligent and motivated.


Most universities in Russia provide free accommodation which is the primary advantage of studying in Russia,

Compared to Europe or North America, even in the more expensive “capitals” of Moscow and St. Petersburg, living costs are generally cheaper. Since the exchange rate is extremely good compared to 2014, when the ruble was stronger, this is especially true if you have dollars or euros.

Broader Exposure

Since you’ll get to experience everyday life there and communicate with people of your own age, coming to Russia as a student is a perfect opportunity to challenge your viewpoints.  At least in terms of understanding different perspectives, your visit to Russia and talking with locals will almost certainly have a positive impact on how you see Russian and the world.

Russian lifestyle

Unlike any other European countries, Russia does urban maximalism. While St. Petersburg comes in at fifth place with a population of 5.3 million, having seventeen million official residents in the urban area, Moscow is by far the largest city in Europe. With 15 Russian cities boasting populations over a million, even provincial Russian cities are far larger than most student cities in Europe. Holding colossal boulevards and grandiose buildings marking every turn, Russian cities are enormous, and they genuinely feel enormous too. At St. Petersburg you’ll be able to take advantage of the top-notch nightlife these cities have to offer and there’s nothing quite like the pressing, dynamic sense of excitement in a Russian city.

Russian Culture

Having a rich cultural heritage, from literature and painting through ballet, and classical music to colourful traditional clothing, Russia is a place to explore throughout for a student’s life. Being a very religious country, Russian architecture also plays a significant role and it is widely recognized for its abundance and gold ornaments. Matrioshka dolls (also called nesting dolls) are conceived to be the popular symbol of the country which is made from wood and has traditional folk costumes painted on them.

Diversity in Russia  

Russia’s diversity is seen as another major factor for students’ attraction for there are many students from different countries in the world who visit the country for education. Made up of more than 150 different ethnic groups which speak over 100 languages, the Russian population is very diverse.

Russian Education and Cost

The tuition fees in Russia can be very tempting for international students when compared to studying costs in USA, UK, or some countries in Europe. Having said that, the low costs are not directly proportional to the quality of education, therefore, you can expect excellent education at a low cost.

Worldwide Recognition

The majority of best universities in Russian have joined the European Universities Association and the courses you choose are most probably recognized globally. Academic excellence could be seen in all the best Russian universities.

Be it studying at a university in Russia or learn Russian in Russia, you have plenty of choices of universities to choose. The availability of such options is what makes students across the world to land in Russia for education.

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