Skill Development Programme

In 2013 the Finance Minister announced a programme proposing the development of skills in youth and also announced financial rewards for this scheme. The aim of this scheme is to provide monetary benefits to youth and influence them to join this programme where he will be taught skills which will help him in finding jobs or doing their own business.

The programme aims at encouraging standardization in the certification process and introduces a process of creating and registering skills. It also aims at improving and increasing the productive talents of the existing people and uses the certification programmes for the betterment of the labour force of the whole country.

The monetary incentive will lure the youth to join the programme and improve their skills thus increasing their productivity.

  • The average reward will be Rs 10,000(ten thousand) per candidate.
  • They aim to benefit 10lakh youth at an expenditure of total cost of one thousand crores.
  • The NSDC will be the implementing agency and the NSDF will monitor the implementation. The monetary reward will be funded exclusively by the Ministry of Finance Government of India.
  • All market-driven skills will be provided training in an approximately 10 lakh youth will be benefitted in a span of one year from the date of commencement of the scheme.
  • All training will be in the growth sector.
  • The cases of the economically backward will be given due consideration

The two bodies dealing with the assessment and the training of the scheme will be separate in order that transparency will be maintained.

Though the scheme is made for covering all jobs in all sectors in the beginning, it will cover only a few numbers of the high –market –demand Jobs in specified economic sectors from level 1 to IV in the NVEQF/NSQ.  The NOSs and the Qps for these roles will be made by the SSC of the particular roles and will consist of 80% entry–level work-force in the priority sectors.

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