SMS language used in exams

SMS language should never be used anywhere other than while texting because it is a slang, and sounds very impolite moreover not everyone understands them.

Slang spoils spelling and commits many grammatical errors. Not everyone understands them as a result miscommunication and misunderstandings crop up. SMS language is actually a slang which is used among people who are very close to each other and are on backslapping terms. This SMS language lacks one thing in big prominence and also in big proportion and that is respect. None of the terms used by them portrays any respect especially towards a revered person who may not necessarily be a senior by age but may be so due to his profession, no one would like to address his boss or senior in the kind of language which he uses as slang. I wouldn’t want to address the milkman, or the waterman or the grocer in those kinds of terms. Every dialogue needs to have a certain form of dignity.  For you to receive respect you have to give respect.

The grammar part too is absolutely pathetic, and this is a serious anomaly because when you are texting the whole day round you tend to fall prey to the language you are using, you tend to become more comfortable and adept at using it, as a result, you start losing your interest in the correct form of grammar.

The more serious reasons for not using these languages and that too in exams is that they do not bring out the meaning of what you want to convey, If you use words like coz, wanna hog, bro, coz dude, mad skills ( for good skills),  lib for library etc then the examiner will find it very difficult to understand what you want to say.

The biggest minus point in this respect is that an examiner expects to get a clear answer to the question asked and does not have the time or the stamina to decipher or decode.

Till now that is till the year  2017 we are still using proper English in official matters and during exams so slang etc are not considered the valid form of answering a question.

Every language is God’s gift and every language needs to be respected and no language should be abused so using slang in an examination is like abusing the language. Here I would also like to add and clarify that I am not saying that text language is  abusive it holds a respectable position in the world of texting because it abbreviates words and helps fit them into the small screen of the phone, also it saves a lot of time but each to his own every person and also language has his own are of comfort his own jurisdiction and no intrusion is welcome just as writing long messages in longhand will give cramps to my finger and I will have to resort to texting and abbreviations while SMS- ing  similarly abbreviations are not welcome in an examiners realm so please do not use them use the kind of language that is needed there. In Rome let’s do as the Romans do.

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