Statistical Analysis System – All About SAS

According to Wikipedia” SAS ( Statistical Analysis System) is a software suite developed by SAS Institute for advanced analytics , multivariate analyses , business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics.”

Statistical analysis means the science by which we collect, explore and present big amounts of data to discover patterns and trends and are used in research, industry and government to enable   achieve more  accuracy, based on scientific data. Statistics is used and needed in every field, be it fine arts or heavy industry. Be it an engineering unit or a medical organization, Statistics help in analysing data. Even cooking and home making depend on statistics helping them improve by referring to past statistics. Thus statistics touches the functioning of all spheres of life from government offices to big industrial houses, from educational institutions to manufacturing units from Hospitals to hotels and from the mother to the housewife everyone is dependent on statistical analyses for bettering their performance.

In technical language, we can say that statistics is used by communication industry to increase their network resources, Government agencies use statistics to improve their relations with other countries, and to understand the problems within their country. Today statistics has become more important and valuable as its value has increased due to affordable and increased storage, powerful computers and advanced algorithms which have helped in increased use of computational statistics.

Today’s statistician has become very dependent on statistical computing whether he may be working with large data or running permutations. Some popular computing practices include

Statistical programming-which is so important for making data, based decisions in every field.

Econometrics –helps in using statistics together with economics to forecast future trends. Operations Research is another major field which utilizes statistics to locate actions that will help in producing best results.

It takes its decisions based on many outcomes and the process of modelling, scheduling and stimulations is used to maximise business processes and challenges. Matrix Programming is a computer technique which is used for bringing in one’s own statistical methods and exploratory data analysis using row algorithms.

Statistical visualisation is used for fast interactive statistical analysis to use to understand data and building models. Another important computing practice is the use of Statistical Quality Improvement which is a mathematical approach to check he quality and safety of all aspects of production. And not to be forgotten High-performance statistics can fit predictive models faster, perform more modelling iterations and use complex techniques for better results.   Do you love data? Then Statistics is your cup of tea.

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