Staying employable in changing times

One thing is specified in the economy: uncertainty. A change in world economics, disruptive technology, or a presidential election can make the difference between plenty of jobs or thousands of layoffs. Today, there are plenty of experts predicting that the need for people with STEM backgrounds and engineers who code will disappear in five to 10 years due to machine learning and the advancement of artificial intelligence.

  • Master theory

Most people prefer to focus solely on the hands-on practical application. When the practical aspects change, those with more in-depth understanding survive better. “If you understand the fundamentals of theory, applying it to practical applications allows you to achieve better results more efficiently,”

  • Learn how to learn

Only learning from others makes you dependent on others. “To keep mobility and to ensure growth for years to come, you need to learn how to learn. When it comes to web development, people can learn a language and use it effectively in their current role, but to be adaptive to the demands of the job market, you need to be able to pick up new tools/languages/workflows quickly.” 

  • Find mentors

Studying hard and developing your skills individually will only take you so far. “Surround yourself with people who have achieved what you want to achieve and engage them“This could be as small as wanting to know what it takes to level up from your current position, to as big as selling a company.  Mentors, however, are only as valuable as the questions you ask, so make sure to invest time in thinking about what questions are going to give you the practical answers you need to develop.”

  •  Network

Invest in your connections and be proactive about networking. If you treat your professional relationships as investments and make a genuine effort to help them grow, you’ll have a diversified set of contacts that will be the catalyst to your growth and mobility in the job market for years to come. 

 Deepen your expertise

“To indeed be a master of your toolkit, you need to understand how your tools work under the hood. Just as it helps a coder to know how a web framework is built, it supports an SEO expert to understand how Google’s search algorithm works. If you lack this understanding, it becomes increasingly difficult to either troubleshoot when things aren’t going the way you expect or to adapt when new tools come to market. If you know your devices on a deeper level than what you use day to day, you will make better decisions, be more effective in your role, and be adaptive to the future – helping both you and your team excel.

Image Source: Piotr Krzyżanowski

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