National University of Singapore offers Bachelor of Environmental Studies

National University of Singapore –The Bachelor of Environmental Studies or BES program at the National University of Singapore is an undergraduate program that aims to develop the next generation of environmentalists who can find solutions for environmental issues that face the world today, like the global change of climate, conversion of land, conservation of habitats and species, correct usage of water, alternative energy sources, and the development of livable highly dense cities.

Course Objectives

  • The BES program is an interdisciplinary curriculum that identifies, analyses and ultimately solves the challenges faced by our environment.
  • BES is attempting to develop the environmental leaders of tomorrow; the people who feel a passion for the environment, have the requisite scientific knowledge and can innovate to create solutions and new opportunities.
  • BES encourages an individual’s development of environmental ethics, a set of values recognise age-old traditions and culture but at the same time are rooted in science.
  • BES is aiming to foster human-environment bonds through learning methodologies so that the students get a better appreciation of the benefits of keeping our environment safe, not only in Singapore only but also for a higher region.
  • BES wants to create regional champions, who will not restrict themselves to Singapore alone. They will use what they have learned to contribute towards the conservation of the environment in Asia and beyond the Asian continent.

Schools Involved

The BES program which was launched in 2011, has been made possible through the combined efforts of the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, with contribution from the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Law, School of Design & Environment, NUS Business School, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

Admission Requirements

The primary admission requirements are as follows:

  • Good H1 pass or equivalent in Mathematics
  • Good H2 pass or equivalent in either Biology or Chemistry

If you are keenly interested and do not meet the criteria, you will be interviewed for suitability.

 Course Details

The BES program builds a robust and interdisciplinary base of knowledge during the study, on which students can specialise in particular subjects in the two years of the duration of the program. These two years include:

  • Internships: There are both local and international internships for students, with top-of-the-class environmental organisations in different sectors.
  • Student exchange programs of whole semesters with partner universities of NUS
  • Particular town hall-style discussion for BES program alone, in which both local and regional leaders educate the students on current environmental problems and solutions.
  • A small class size so that there is an optimal learning space for students to interact with their teachers and each other.


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