Study finds talent that moved from India feature in 4 of top 5 fastest growing jobs in Singapore

The study report, released by LinkedIn Talent Solutions early this month, titled: ‘Emerging Jobs: Singapore’, revealed that the talent that moved from India featured prominently four of the top five fastest-growing jobs in Singapore, according to ANI report. Stating that the South Asian nation is thickly populated city-island of around 600 square kilometres or roughly two-and-half times smaller than the NCR with an estimated population of 5.6 million, out of which 3.5 million are citizens, while around half a million have permanent resident status. Plagued by falling birth rates amongst its citizens and their inability to replace themselves had resulted in the humongous requirement of overseas workers in areas where it is lacking to continue to sustain its economic development besides maintaining its attractiveness to investors, its vibrancy and position as a global financial and innovative hub, noted the report.

Quoting Ong Ye Kung, Education Minister of Singapore told Bloomberg last week that Singapore, with an ageing population and paucity of high-tech human resources, finds it pertinent to bring in overseas talent in areas such as software programming and Artificial Intelligence, while it is re-balancing its education system in order to meet future demands, said the report. The Minister also opined that while a quota system will be kept in place for lower-skilled industries including construction, the little restriction will be placed on overseas high-end jobs. “Talent is very short everywhere in the world, especially in the spectrums of AI and software programming. We let them in because we require a critical mass for the sector to take off while we continue to train our citizens for those jobs.”

Quoting what observers did, the report said that thanks to the quick pace of change that is taking place, by the time the students graduate from their technical undergraduate program, half of what they learnt in the first year would have become obsolete. Indeed, today’s top emerging jobs in the LinkedIn report may not even have existed five years back or maybe someone’s idea of a fanciful job title, for instance, Growth Marketers, User Experience Designers. The LinkedIn report compares data from two million Singapore-based LinkedIn users from 2013 to 2017 to identify the top up and coming roles and skills required for each job. What is more, it also looks at the positions that are rising in demand, where the talent comes from and where it resides today.

Top Five Emerging Jobs in Singapore

The top five emerging jobs in Singapore, according to LinkedIn are Data Scientist, Cyber Security Specialist, User Experience Designer, Head of Digital and Content Specialist. In the five years surveyed, job titles about Data Science rose 17 times, that of Cyber Security Specialist grew by 5.5 times, User Experience Designer by 3.4 times and Head of Digital and Content Speciality both by three times, noted the report.

The LinkedIn study also revealed that though the core job description might be that of technology, software, coding or data skills, soft skills are more so required by the firms today. The companies’ desire employees that is adaptable, able to collaborate and have leadership skills on top of project management skills on top of project management skills and the ability to communicate clearly. Furthermore, Singapore has been doing a pretty job regarding investing in education, lifelong learning and up-skilling its workforce. Moreover, the education system also does well in anticipating the demands of the employers. Besides all these, the talent for emerging roles are in heavy demand, is lacking both in Singapore and across the world. With fierce competition expected for limited talent, the ‘perfect candidate’ could be highly sought after and adequately paid.

The talent that has moved from India to Singapore in the last five years, according to the report, featured in four of the top five emerging roles regarding the proportion of international talent that end up working in the latter country. Of the workers that have moved from India to Singapore, 22% were based in India, and 14% were already based in France, noted the report. For Cyber Security Specialists, 19% who moved to Singapore was earlier working in India before arriving in Singapore to work while 13% worked in Australia before the commenced work in Singapore, added the report.

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