Tamil Nadu Government likely to add 350 more MBBS seats in 2019-20

MBBS – The Health Department under the Education Ministry of the Tamil Nadu Government is contemplating on add 350 more MBBS seats, thus taking the total tally to 3250 when the next admission season begins in 2019-20, the TOI reported.

Dr A. Edwin Joe, Director of Medical Education, Government of Tamil Nadu was quoted as saying by the report that the number of medical seats would thus increase from 22 to 24. In fact, Tamil Nadu now has 2,900 MBBS seats spread across 22 Government medical colleges, while 100 more seats were added in 2018 in government medical colleges based out of Madurai and Tirunelveli districts.

In fact, a big team from the Medical Council of India, the apex body to inspect and allow medical seats to the state-run medical colleges in the country had finished one round of inspection and could not complete the headcount due to the doctor’s strike. The team is likely to revisit the State to take stock of the headcount once again, although the date is yet to be firmed up. What is more, these colleges currently have 150 seats. Joe said, “We hope to reverse this soon”

Demanding more seats

The Government of Tamil Nadu has applied for admission of students to a new medical college in Karur district. The infrastructure is already there in place. “In fact, we have begun counselling for the appointment of doctors. Rest assured, we are now confident of beginning the new college in Karur with seats”, Joe pointed out.

It may be recalled that Tamil Nadu had applied for 100 seats for new colleges and then added seats gradually. After establishing a college in Pudukottai with 150 seats, the Government of Tamil Nadu decided all new colleges should have at least 150 seats”, J Radhakrishnan, Health Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu was quoted as saying by the report.

Also, the proposals mooted by the Government of Tamil Nadu pertaining to the permission of commencing new medical colleges in Ooty, Perambalur and Ramanathapuram are being awaited from the Medical Council of India. In tandem, Tamil Nadu is also contemplating of adding the number of seats in all medical colleges to 250, thus retaining the status of Tamil Nadu has the highest number of state-run medical colleges in the country, Joe added.

The objectives of the Tamil Nadu Education Department are as follows:

  • To provide universal access, equity, quality at primary, upper primary, secondary and higher secondary level
  • To strive for all-round development of the child. To evolve curriculum and evaluation procedures in conformity with the values enshrined in the Constitution
  • To build the child’s knowledge, potential talent and develop the child’s physical and mental abilities to the fullest extent
  • To provide the required infrastructure to ensure the comfort of each and every child in school
  • To provide a conducive learning environment through learning activities, discovery and exploration in a child-friendly and child centred manner
  • To provide quality education as far as possible in the child’s own mother tongue
  • To provide abundant opportunities for the child to express itself without any fear
  • To make examinations more flexible and integrated into classroom life by implementing continuous and comprehensive evaluation in phases, to remove the anxiety and stress caused by terminal examinations

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