TAPMI PDGM HR Program addresses the market gap

TAPMI PDGM HR Program-  What with the way we live in the contemporaneous times in a knowledge economy, human resources have become quintessential to create sustainable competitive advantage. Rightly so, there is humongous demand for Human Resources Management professionals across a spectrum of industries to propel the business into the next level. The scarcity of HRM talent is pronounced today like never before, with the fact that only few quality institutions are offering HRM courses. Here is where the Manipal, Karnataka-based TA Pai Management Institute’s course, PDGM (HR) is of paradigm importance as it directly addresses this market gap.

TAPMI SHRM Partnership

TAPMI has forged alliance with SHRM India for training students to take the SHRM Certified Professionals (SHRM CP) Global Certification, the most coveted HRM certification for HRM professionals besides, that TAPMI will also embed the content of the certification in the PGDM (HR) program.

Program Content

  • This out of the box HRM program has a cohesive focus on the Business environment by giving the insight to spot paradigm shifts in addition to the taking care of them and need for upgrading human competencies to meet that challenge.

The graduates from this program will be skilled in five strands:

  • Competencies such as using leadership psychometrics and further developing leadership competencies and coaching as well
  • Use of analytics, evidence-based HRM and managing technology
  • Creating and changing the culture for aligning the organisation to strategy
  • Designing, and improving organisational structure to meet strategy using contemporary organisational development (OD) techniques
  • Imparting industrial relations and negotiation skills

Program Highlights

  • Students will develop leadership competencies via Leadership Assessment and Development Centre, TAPMI
  • HRM Students will be assigned to immersive projects in the social sector with the objective of developing empathy and social responsibility
  • Also, the students will be assigned to conduct research in a relevant HRM topic, publish their findings and evolve themselves as opinion leaders
  • This course is the first two-year program in the country, where the curriculum is prepared in partnership with SHRM India, thus opening up vide vistas for earning dual certification


Trimester based Curriculum

  • This Program is split into six trimesters spread over two years
  • During the first three terms of the first year, students need to pursue human resource management  studies with few elementary courses connected to other disciplines such a Marketing, Operation Management, Information System Management and Finance
  •  The first year covers management techniques in business, business communication, basics of people management processes, HRM tools and measurement, communication for persuasion and negotiation and more.
  • Students should submit a dissertation at the end of the first year
  • Also, the students should publish their work in either scholarly publications or business publications
  • Students need to do a project on issues of societal relevance by the end of the first year
  • Students need to take up an internship at the end of the third trimester and would appear for the SHRM-CP at the beginning of the second year
  •  In the second year, students will go ahead with detailed courses on Marketing, Operation Management, Information System Management, Strategy and Finance, with a focus on how these affect HRM in a company and how HRM can add value to these areas to become a true business partner
  • Students will have to pursue advanced courses on Human Resource Management in the second year.

SHRM Global Certification

  • Formed in 1948, the mission of SHRM is to serve and advance the profession of HRM
  •  SHRM believes in upping the skills of HRM executives by providing extensive research-driven HRM education programs
  •  SHRM’s education program is aligned with global standards and provides the students with a wide range of skills not only in talent areas but also in how business works, creates value and competes
  •  By allying with SHRM India, TAPMI stands to gain access to a gamut of knowledge to ensure that the PGDM (HR) students are given contemporary knowledge that will help them to be relevant, excel and create an impact
  •  SHRM CP certification will be a key differentiator for TAPMI students.
  • For more details, visit the TAPMI website, tapmi.edu.in.

Image source – TAPMI’s website

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