Teaching in Digital age needs teachers to upgrade their skills

A teacher is the one who is holding the most responsible person in moulding a person’s life. It all happens from the very childhood age where the children are taught about right and wrong. Teaching is considered to be the noblest professions of all the current jobs, and also that holds the maximum respect. An adequately skilled teacher is very much required in shaping students and enabling their career go in a correct path. The teachers are the most influential people whose actions might lead the students in the wrong way or even might get the corrupted students to get back in the right direction.

A teacher’s contribution to society always ensures a safer and polite society whatever be the situation. However, the teacher’s profession also includes certain risk factors as they have to deal with a class full of students who would bear different attitudes, attires and different mannerisms. Some would be quick learners while some would take longer durations to capture what is said. Maintaining the same level of learning capabilities in the students has now become a challenging task. The advancement in web-enabled devices and access to the internet has influenced the way classrooms are built, and the way education is absorbed by the students.

The technological up gradation and increasing digitisation of classrooms have now become the most required theme of any school.

Up gradation in Education

The traditional classroom system would make the teacher go tiresome, and in some cases, the teacher might not be aware of some answers the students expect. The availability of the new digitally empowered devices would create an environment where all the doubts raised by the students can be cleared then and there, and this enables the teachers to get all the required content at a single place slightly spinning multiple books.

In the recent news, The National Council of Teacher’s Education (NCTE) has enabled their functions in monitoring the processes and procedures followed in different levels of the schools to maintain a single law of regulating a processed education system.

Private Schools versus the Government Schools

The private schools have now become more significant in maintaining the standards of digital gadget usage, and to ensure a proper scoring number by the students. To maintain high standards both private and government schools,  the boards are now keen on implementing various schemes in the government schools and train the teachers on par with the developing technology so that they can well maintain a healthy and robust academic score with the students. The board is also keen on ensuring a bright education pattern to every student in India.

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