Teaching kindness in schools why is it important

Kindness is the biggest virtue because it teaches empathy towards fellow humans and all other living beings. All religions teach this one virtue the virtue of being kind.C compassion towards others is what God wants all to follow.

Love thy neighbor as thy self, “says He, which means its God’s wish that we are kind towards others.

No act of kindness however small is ever wasted” is a popular saying. What do all these mean, that kindness is virtue of the greatest value.

Why teach kindness in schools —because the formative years of a child are spent in the school the family may be considered the first unit of society but it is the school which is the first unit which influences a child’s mind. Whatever may you teach a child at home but he gives more value to what his teacher teaches in a school. You as a mother may tell him/her about the benefits of eating green vegetables but it is only after his teacher tells him about the vitamins and minerals found in them that he actually starts eating them. He judges your teachings on the scale of his teacher’s words. He will always give more value to his teacher’s words.

If he is taught something in school then he is keen on learning it and getting praise from his teacher, he wants to outdo his friends and classmates he wants his teacher to praise him and appreciate his efforts. The school is the first step towards competition and achievements and a child wants to prove his superiority. It is in this attempt at proving himself that he starts practicing what he has been preached and then gradually he start believing in that too.

Once the idea appeals to him, he finds that his acts of kindness have brought him laurels and praise his subconscious mind accepts it as something good as something that is beneficial to him.

Gradually as he matures and understands pain, both physical and emotional, and he feels the relief and the happiness on a person’s face on receiving a deed of kindness he also feels happiness in his own self on bringing happiness to others that he realizes the real virtue of the word kindness.

All these sentiments and emotions can be felt and expressed best inside the school where he lives among people among friends and seniors who appreciate and judge him, who comprise his world. It is here that he understands and assimilates all the things taught to him.  This is why school is the best place to teach anything good. Let us start with the act of kindness which is the best virtue

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