Ten Tips To Help Face An Examination

Examinations are the measuring scale to assess the calibre, and aptitude of a candidate.  There are many kinds of exams one has to face during one’s lifetime they come as hurdles and he/she who wades through them successfully emerges the winner.

The first exams that we face are those connected with our academic achievements. They are responsible for charting the course of our life. Mentioned below are some tips which we should use while facing them.

  1. Assign yourself enough time to study, so that your preparations are thorough and you don’t have to skimp through the subjects at a later stage. Thorough study saves a lot of time later on and makes you confident about your preparation.
  2. Organize your study place, remove the clutter, because by doing this you will not have to run about looking for a misplaced item which may be very important and in the process you will not only lose time you will also become nervous and irritated which will be a major setback.
  3. Make charts and diagrams while studying as they use less time and space and help you in both memorising and recalling.
  4. Solve old question papers this is one of the most important tips to achieve success. By doing this you attack many points simultaneously. When you solve old question papers you automatically revise, you gather speed, and if you discover a flaw in your style you immediately rectify it.
  5. Go on Jotting points as you remember them, this will come in handy in last minute preparations and save your time.
  6. Try to explain your answers to fellow students this helps you to memorize the answers yourself.
  7. Indulge in group studies. This will help both you and your friends as you will share study material and discover some points that you may have missed.
  8. Take a break not necessarily a chocolate break but a small walk in the neighbourhood or a chat with friends or listen to music this break of about half an hour is very important as it rejuvenates you.
  9. If you feel tired take a nap this will relax your mind.
  10. Lastly and a point of grave importance is the fact that you should not starve yourself hunger prevents you from concentrating. Do not overeat but do not go hungry and also keep yourself hydrated as dehydration may cause weakness.

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