The American offers at IITs to get worse this year

The American offers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) are decreasing year on year. This year the situation is likely to be worse warns a TOI report. Most US-based companies visiting IIB-Bombay have residential placements on offer, except one or two so far, noted the report. Placements across IITs will begin on December 1, 2018. In job announcement forms (JAFs) filed by the firms, giving the gist of an offer, pay package, allowances, place of posting at its headquarters at Redmond, US. With H1B visa related hassles, most entities have kept conditions vague, lamented the report.

A student from the campus told the daily that many American firms are offering around profiles but will relocate candidates within a year or two. In 2017, American offers came from firms such as Microsoft, Uber International, Indeed and first-time recruiter Rubrik. What is more, Microsoft is likely to offer the highest pay package on the campus, quoting the students, the report pointed out.

In 2017, the IT major offered a package of Rs.1.39 crore, while this year, it has only a solitary profile in the US and two in India on offer, the report revealed. Chinese smartphone major OnePlus will foray at IIT-Bombay for the first time during the placement season, the report said and added that manufacturer has held pre-placement talks at the premier campus and students are looking forward to it. The fast growing premium smartphone brand in India will recruit students for its research centre in South India, quoting a student, the report concurred.

Its US counterpart, Apple, meanwhile had visited the Powai campus for placements for the first time in 2017. This time round, the firm is visiting IIT-B only for domestic profiles, noted the report. Stating that officially, IITs do not confirm names of firms are visiting before the last week of November, the report went on to add that a representative of a placement cell from one of the older IITs told the daily that nothing could be finalised before entities visited the campus. An official from IIT-Madras said since past students approach placement cells only when they have complaints, there may not have been a serious problem with US offers, he said.

Of overseas jobs, most on offer are from Japan, said the report and added that Singapore and European firms too are recruiting from IIB-B but are fewer compared to Japan. Furthermore, the package on offer by e-commerce major, Mercari, headquartered in Japan, is the highest so far among Japanese companies. Soft Bank and Yahoo Japan to are visiting the campus, said the report. In domestic profiles, higher salaries are on offer from consulting companies such as Graviton and Blackstone. While many seek to pursue higher studies, exposure offered by international companies even for a year or two is something students look forward to, quoting another student, the report added.

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