The art of de-stressing before an examination

Examination – Every student who aims to score high marks will obviously undergo examination related stress, but if you realize it and plan accordingly, you can overcome it and come out in flying colours. First and foremost, to face the inevitable examination stress, you need to analyze and perceive as to what triggers stress. When you do that, you can take a few right steps to beat the stress.

Common Factors

World over, a lot of research is going on as to how to de-stress from the examination related anxiety. Experts have found out few universal factors that trigger the morbid fear syndrome. The main reason is the intense competition from the peers, besides the lack of planning and preparation, heightened expectations from parents or the institutions and low motivation levels.

Pragmatic Approach

Those who wilt under pressure and allow the stress to be enveloped will become losers, whereas the students with a positive frame of mind will introspect, ponder and choose the right direction that will guide them to break the jinx instead of waiting for the fire of anxiety to be consumed.

Here are few tips that would allow you to keep the negativity at bay and focus on attaining your goal that includes listening to Classical Music, brisk walking, devising a study routine plan, playing with your pets, sound sleep, use of favourite Apps, Yoga and meditation, dark chocolates, chatting with a well-wisher and dissociating yourself with the social media addiction.

Classical Music

Listening to Classical Music, both Carnatic as well as Hindustani will help reduce stress. There are few morning ragas which can bring about telling effect on your mind becoming calmer and feel positive. Similarly, there are few evening ragas that can also help you to de-stress. Instrumental music, especially flute, violin, sitar, sarod etc will give you lot of relief from stress.

Brisk Walking

Brisk walking will improve your blood circulation and eventually detoxifying your body. It will not only work wonders on your memory but also improves your brain power.


Planning is important in studies as well as your entire life. You can create a checklist and allot just the right time to cover the portions that are required to be covered and then work on it, it will do wonders. You can as well use online Apps to set the portion and time required to be covered and follow it up with that.

Yoga and Meditation

Doing Yoga helps you to de-stress and keeps your body and mind agile. Try Pranayama and a few meditation techniques through the help of a qualified teacher.

Playing with Pets

Pets are great fun. If you have a puppy at home, play with it and it will certainly relieve you from stress.

Sound Sleep

As you are spending hours on studies, you need enough rest to regain the energy. Therefore, you need to get adequate sleep.

Mobile Apps

If you download a few Apps which would help you to improve your knowledge or the quality of your life, then you can spend some time to beat the stress.

Dark Chocolates

Eating dark chocolates will remove your dark thoughts. Research has proven that the rich cocoa fights with cortisol, the real culprit of causing examination stress. Also, the chocolates are replete with endorphins, which will again fight with the stress.

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