The dilemma after BA degree

Though, becoming a graduate is still the dream of aspiring middle-class people. Their status will change once they complete their graduation. After graduation, what strategic move one takes is crucial as that decides the career and future of that person. All graduates face a similar problem of asking themselves what next. Science and other graduates have scope to right away get into the career like Medical Representative after completing their graduation. Arts graduates, who have completed their BA degree, have difficulty in making a right career choice.

The arts graduate has a limited career choice. They can take up sales job. Earlier, arts graduates had minimal career choice, but of late, the opportunities have increased. To get a right kind of career, your choice after graduation is to pursue a post graduation course in the same subject. For instance, if you take English Literature as the main subject for your BA degree course, it is pertinent that you do your post graduation also choosing the same subject. If you want to get into pedagogy, you can pursue M.Phil and further study B.Ed. Or after M.Phil you might as well do research and get your PhD so that you can work in colleges as a lecturer. After B.Ed, you can get into school teaching job. Another choice is to join the law. You can pursue a law degree even after 12th or after completing your BA you can enter the LLB course.

Also, there is an umpteen number of diploma courses available now, where you can hone your skills before entering the job market. There are many short-term courses like Secretarial Practice, basic IT operations, diplomas in animation, film-making, journalism, visual communication, painting, management, computer technology and more.

After BA you can also pursue MBA courses on various streams. There are many institutions offer to coach for the entrance exams. Once you clear the entrance examination, you will get admission to the premier institutions to pursue your MBA. After MBA, the career path is safe and sound. You will not only land up on a highly paid job, but you will also have the career growth ensured. There are other academic programmes available on a slew of fields like event management, air hostess or flight purser, hotel management, travel and tourism related courses and more

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