The University of British Columbia offers MSc in Atmospheric Science

The University of British Columbia – With over 100 years of heritage, the University of British Columbia is a focused research university based in Vancouver, Canada. Often abbreviated as the UBC, it is one of the top 3 research institutes in the country. UBC is known for its rigorous admission process with a requirement of 90% GPA in the high school. The university ranks consistently in the top 50 of various global rankings and always coming in the top 3 of Canada. The university has an additional campus at Okanagan, Kelowna with a combined total strength of over 62000 students.

M.Sc. in Atmospheric Science

The Master of Science in Atmospheric Science is a unique course offered by the Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences under the Faculty of Science in UBC. This course is focused on research about Atmospheric Sciences with the help of both in-house facilities as well as in collaboration with federal and provincial government. The course also has opportunities to work with multiple research groups across the world in understanding the atmosphere.


 The course curriculum focuses on the research about predicting weather and atmospheric conditions, studies about air pollution and other related fields. The course is designed jointly with the Department of Geography under the Faculty of Arts and the Department of Geological Sciences under the Faculty of Applied Sciences to cover the complete knowledge about Earth and its atmosphere by offering interdisciplinary learning.

Course Details

This is a Graduate course offered on campus at the Vancouver campus of the UBC. The average course completion time is 2.5 years with an 88% success rate.


 M.Sc in Atmospheric Sciences requires a bachelor’s degree in basic sciences or geological sciences with good grades. The University of British Columbia has known for its strict evaluation process, and hence a good class in the undergraduate course is necessary. The medium of learning will be English. So you have to be qualified in one of the English language courses if you are not a native speaker. Both TOEFL and IELTS are accepted, but the cut off marks are strict. GRE is optional but would be an added advantage when you apply for the course.

Career Opportunities

As this is a focused research course, there are a lot of options in the atmosphere and climate focused organization to continue the research activities you have started in college. Though the atmosphere is one of the widely researched areas, it remains as one of the areas where there are a lot left undiscovered. With an increased concern across the world on global warming, atmospheric and climate research is in demand more than ever.

As an atmospheric researcher, you would be working in the pursuit of making this world a better place to live.

Image source: Chandran Puthiyottil

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