Thinking out of the Box

Is a term which means thinking differently, having your own ideas, not being run of the mill, it is a phrase coined by the Australians. It is used to impress upon a person that he should be not like the ordinary there should be something more impressive, different than the usual.

It is not only the answers that should be out of the box kind but there can be questions too which can be very much out of the box types and which may require out of the box type of answer. This kind of situation arises mostly during interviews when an interviewer may ask you a very different kind of question and then judge you according to your answer. A mediocre normal answer gets a mediocre marking whereas a unique answer gets a unique response a lot of appreciation.

A simple example of this kind of a situation is when Alexander the Great defeated King Porus and asked him. How should he treat him and Porus replied” Like a king treats a King” this impressed Alexander so much that he returned Porus his kingdom?

There are out of the situations in life too which require a lot of quick and mature thinking. One more out of the box questions is 12 birds were sitting on a tree a gun was fired one fell down dead how many are left on the tree a normal answer will be  11 but an out of the box answer is “None” they all flew away on hearing the gunshot.

Out of the box, thinking is always encouraged it shows the ability of the child to respond to situations which demand quick thinking. Out of the box, thinking requires the brushing of the mind; it gives the mind exercise to increases the alertness.

I am quoting a definition of “out of the box” which I read somewhere “Ironically it is the cliché that means to think of cliched situations in ways that aren’t clichéd.”

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