Time And Tide Wait For None

Yes, and how right that saying is. Just close your eyes and imagine yourself trying to prevent a tide from coming in or going back, and your hands are left with the sand on the beach the wave came and had gone back you couldn’t prevent either neither It’s arriving nor its departing.

Similarly, you can never stop time from coming or from going away this particular moment has come without your wanting it to and has gone away even though you wanted it to stay back.  It is the reason why we have always been taught not to leave any work for the next day; you don’t know when you may need it to be always prepared.

In every field of life being prepared always pays, the fact that you will not be left wanting is an excellent source of trust and happiness. If you know you are always prepared if others see that you are still well equipped that you have even been doing your homework, then they will have faith in you and depend on your sincerity. Their faith will show itself in the form of love and respect for you.

Similarly do good things make everyone around you happy, so that you may not have any regrets later on when you look back on the happenings in your life? If you have been excellent and kind-hearted, you will feel happy and satisfied but if you have not been good if you have misused your authority then you will regret your behaviour, especially towards someone who has left you and gone never to come back.

Life is so full of uncertainties that there it does not give you any time to correct your behaviour It only gives you time to regret or celebrate. So let that time be the time of celebrations of happy memories because no fault of anyone can be so big that it cannot be forgiven. The only mistake which cannot be overlooked is yours your own selves’ misdoings. If you have hurt someone knowingly, then it will result in you shedding tears lifelong, and if you have done something unknowingly, then you will be consciously finding ways to bring happiness to everyone around you and feeling happy in doing that. It will be a kind of repentance accepted by God.

One does not understand the need of being kind to others when one is young, but as you grow mature in years, your only concern becomes making others happy. So do it go about it don’t waste time because Time and Tide wait for none.

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