Tips to face an interview

All interviews are face to face even if you are interviewed on the SKYPE mode you do see your interviewer, and he sees you.

So don’t ignore rule number one being smartly dressed.  It may be a night at your end, but that does not permit you to sit cross-legged in a pyjama and answer the interviewer’s questions. Appearance is significant, please look and feel smart.

When coming to real-world interviews, the same rules apply as the virtual word one and to be even more strictly followed. Once you enter the room for an interview, put aside all fears and get ready to face the members of the board, you can greet them with a smile. Answer all questions with confidence, don’t forget it’s not only you who wants a job it is they too who want a good employee. Let the members feel that you are ready to work for them diligently. Show your willingness to walk the extra mile.

Have an exhaustive knowledge about the company you are visiting because they may ask you questions related to it and they will be impressed to see you well prepared.

Apart from your educational qualification certificates also keep handy any other document which tells about your additional skills.

Show willingness to go out of your way to work for the company, tell them you are ready to travel or to go to postings in remote areas, or you will work for extra hours if the situation demands.

Show your good behaviour and good manners at every step for every one you come across, the first impression is the best they say, so your first impression should be such that the bosses to be are impressed and choose you instead of the equally qualified but not so polished counterpart of yours.

In addition to this be smartly dressed in formal attire, look and feel confident, show a positive body language and put up a good show. Your leadership qualities should impress the interviewer to speak with confidence; politeness does not mean whimpering. Ask questions if you have any relevant ones and do not hesitate.

There is every likely hood that there will be a few members of the board who will want to ask you unnecessary questions trying to mislead you but if you have prepared well then you don’t need to worry, especially if you know the subject well and if you have done your homework about the details of the company. Someone may ask an irrelevant question, don’t falter and tell him you don’t know the answer.

An interview is all about confidence, and confident body language tries and scores here. Don’t whimper or falter or fidget as these are your worst enemies.

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