Tips To Helps Parents To Support Their Children Get Through Exams

Keep a copy of your child’s exam Time Table with you always and make sure he/she is preparing for the exams accordingly also note the time he/she has to report for the reviews. He should never be late. This will make him nervous.

Ensure that your child is up and ready to go for the exams, because if both the parents are working and out of the house the child may oversleep so either see to it that he is up before you leave or keep on checking and controlling him over the phone.

  • Make a checklist of daily requirements, based on each day’s papers, his pencil box, compass pen etc.
  • Do not scold him or point out the mistakes he has committed in the answer paper that day what has happened has happened, let him prepare for the next exam with a positive mind.
  • Go ahead with him and remind him to prepare for the topics of the next exam.
  • Help them to maintain a balanced daily routine that he should eat in time, get proper sleep etc. etc
  • Do not let him keep awake for long on the night before the exam else he will feel sleepy during the exam.A good night’s sleep is essential especially on the night before the exam always improves examination performance.
  • Make sure that he does not eat junk food, keep proper diet ready always so that he can munch on healthy food if he feels hungry.
  • Don’t overhype exams and make him scared.

“And most importantly make the home atmosphere as pleasant as possible free from all unpleasantness.”

Apart from this the other and emotionally proper ways to follow to make your child comfortable are show that you have faith in him. Show him that he who is important not the exam results. Instil a feeling of confidence in him, that he is what you need not his exam results. But this should be done cautiously otherwise there is every possibility that he may become complacent and careless.

Exam time is when all the skills of you as a parent are on the est. Keep a carrot and stick attitude. Children have an impressionable mind and they may react in a way different than what you wanted. So have a good rapport with him and first let him confide in you then give suggestions after sensing his mental vulnerability at that particular moment. Being a good parent is a tight rope walk. All the best to you!

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