Total of 55.2% of IIT Bombay graduates opted tech jobs or sought higher studies

Among the graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B) this year, an estimated 55.2% of them have either opted for technology-related jobs or had sought admission to a university for higher studies in their chosen vocations, according to a TOI report.

In the non-core fields, consulting and finance accounted for 12% and 11.5% respectively, citing a campus survey, the report pointed out. A total of 192 students, across various undergraduate and post graduate courses, responded to the senior survey that mapped the road taken and future of the class of 2018, noted the report.

Parried about the near future, 42.2% of respondents said they had either attempted or plans to take GRE, while 55% said the same for management sector entrance examinations of CAT and GMAT, while 12% of them wanted to appear for civil services examinations in the near future, the report said.

Long-Term Goal

Five years later, a considerable segment of students wanted to shift to entrepreneurship with an observable increase to 11% compared to 2016 when the last such survey was conducted, the report said. The numbers of technology jobs have also been reduced by almost 33% and there has been a dip in both consulting and finance, down to 5% and 8.3% respectively, since 2016. A chunk of the batch is passing out with high scores, while a maximum number of respondents had their CPI between eight and nine (34%) and 18.84% of the respondents had a CPI greater than nine, said the report and added that only 2.6% had a CPI between four and six. When 83% of these students graduated with a B.Tech degree, 16.22% graduated with a dual degree and 1% received integrated MSc.

When asked about their internship’s influence on their career choices, around 42.2% attributed it as a major influence, while another 38.5% thought internship had some influence and around 9% were pretty sure that their internship made no difference, the report pointed out. In terms of their life at IIT-Bombay, about half the population had dated during their stay on the campus. “The rest of them were either not interested or didn’t have the courage to ask someone out. Among those who dated, most of them were involved in either single or double relationships. Very few respondents dated more than twice, the survey revealed.

In their bucket list, 74.3% of the respondents had traveled ticketless inside a train in and around Mumbai. When it came to locations, in and around the institute, around 90% had been to the boathouse on the shores of Powai Lake in contrast in contrast with the significantly smaller 34% who have been to the edge of Vihar Lake, the survey said.

What is more, 3.6% had never been to the Central Library and 46% of the male respondents to Hostel 10, the girl’s hostel. In terms of quality of life, around 34% took bath daily, while a majority of 53.6% took bath every two-three days. A small section, 1.6% also claimed that they would take bath only after others would goad them to, added the report.

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