Trending Courses on Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is a thriving industry which is increasing its scope by leaps and bounds.  The main reasons for this popularity is a conscious feeling developing among the Indian population that they should spend time with their families and go to places of tourist interest to relax and explore.

Not only has this tourism added a few new names to its self. It is no longer to limit visiting historical places and places of natural beauty but Tourism now includes heritage.

Cultural medical, business and sports tourism- the government is thinking seriously in terms of expanding tourism of all kinds so that employment opportunities increase and India keeps ahead among other countries in this field.

Tourism also gives a boost to the hotel industry, to wildlife and forest departments and to the cottage industry; in fact, all these industries are interrelated and help each other in their progress. Tourism is a big source of foreign exchange in fact apart from the traditional form of tourism where tourists come to see heritage and natural beauty the new concept of medical tourism is fast becoming popular s we provide world-class medical treatment at a far less cost. The facilities our hospitals have and the expertise our doctors possess are of world-class standard.

God and Nature have blessed India with all geographical wonders and natural beauties we have snowfall, we have high mountains (highest in the world) rafting rivers, waterfalls, deep gorges and we can show them to the world at much lower prices than any other country Interestingly we also have that which the rest of the world does not have we have snake charmers and exponents of the rope trick and acrobats performing the tightrope dance. Our wildlife is on par with the jungles of Africa ranging from wild elephants to migratory birds.

Our cottage and handloom industry has always had the tourists gaping with wonder. If tourism is at its peak can travel be far behind? They are both interrelated and complement each other and to add to it the government has also introduced the “Palace on Wheels Railway Train”which is a combination of both tourism as well as travel.  All these steps by the government have given a boost to the job market as well as courses dealing with tourism.

There are many colleges and institutes which offer courses in travel and tourism, the most prestigious being the IITTM or the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management. Bhubhaneshwar, Infact, any person who has a degree in Management, or specifically Hotel management can apply for jobs in the tourism industry. NSHM knowledge campus in Durgapur Amity Directorate of Distance and online education and many more colleges which offer BBA or MBA  degree in tourism are spread all over the country.

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