Two New Online Courses to be introduced by Harvard Business School Online

Harvard Business School Online – Joshua Margolis and Anthony Mayo both professors from the Harvard Business School have developed an online course on ‘leadership development through interaction between students’.

Both these gentlemen who have developed the course will also be available to teach. The course will help businessmen to broaden and accelerate their business they will get the opportunity to broaden their skills through mutual discussions. The course is fully concerned with the unleashing of the existing potential this will be of special benefit for students who have the desire of improving their businesses by applying their ideas and getting the feedback from other fellow students.  Harvard Business School Online is launching both these two new courses this year for professionals who want to broaden their business skills and speed up the improvement of their careers.

New and aspiring leaders will work at going all out to display their potential and will in the process come across likeminded people and will form a team. Business opportunities will crop up from amidst uncertainties of the economic problems being faced globally.

Leadership Principles brings the Harvard Business School approach to leadership development online.

The second course is about Global business – Here the participants will come in contact with real-world leaders who will discuss and analyze the resultant effects of macroeconomic indicators, public policies and other phenomena of Global importance which can affect the growth of business all across the world. This interaction will bring forth better ideas which will of great help to the financial and economic health of an individual in particular and the world in general.

The course was developed by Professor Forest Reinhardt. Of the Harvard Business School and he will also be available as the faculty to teach and explain his theories and to make them pliable and effective. Here is what the executive director of Harvard Business School Online Patrick Mullane, had to say about the new courses…

We’re pleased to offer these new courses to help leaders better drive their businesses and propel their careers during volatile times,”  “Joshua Margolis and Tony Mayo are extraordinary faculties who will instil confidence and strengthen leadership capabilities for professionals ready to take the next step.

Forest Reinhardt is a world-class economist who will equip participants with the tools they need to anticipate and capitalize on global developments.”

Please visit the website for more information the courses will commence from May 2019 and both are certificate programs.

 About Harvard Business School Online

Harvard Business School Online is well known for its expertise and the special way in which it helps people learn important business concepts. Its special field of expertise is designed to make pre-MBA students learn the nuances of business. Which means the key concepts and vocabulary?

Havard Business School Online has reached a stature which makes it a leader in the field which teaches professionals to give a positive impact to their business, enhance and improve their career and increase and improve their business in the new powerful ways that are now prevalent all across the world due to cut-throat competition. The courses offered are not only rigorous but also very immersive. Visit to learn more about the course.

About Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School was founded in 1908 as part of Harvard University. The Harvard Business School is situated in Boston on a 40-acre campus. It offers full-time programmes for MBA and doctoral degrees and a faculty of 200 dedicated members are there to teach. In addition, there are more than 70 open enrollment Executive Education programs and 55 custom programs, and also Harvard Business School Online, which is the digital learning platform.

Harvard Business School has shared their knowledge, their research, and their experience with the best business professionals across the world. It’s their passion for teaching which has made them leaders who create leaders in the business world through their research and dedication and the spirit of working hard to genuinely help and create leaders in the business world globally. The Institution has been doing this service to business professionals for more than a century.

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