U.S Visa restrictions problems faced by Indian students

According to the latest trends of what is happening in the US political arena The H1B restrictions and the others suggestions of increase in pay of H1B workers and the strict implementation of rules which prevent the owners of industrial units from asking their retiring workers to train the new workers brought in will all ensure that difficulties do come up in the path of Indians wanting to go to the US for studies as well as for jobs.

Previously Indians used to build hopes of going to the US on student permits and then stay back, get jobs and settle in the US specially IT students. US firms too used to comply with the students as they got skilled labour at much less payments.

A legislation making it difficult for US companies to employ skilled labourers at cheaper rates was introduced in the US House of representatives and it more than doubled the minimum wages requirement of H1-B Visa holders to US$130,000. As we all know the H1B Visa is a non-immigrant Visa and it facilitates US companies to use the services of foreign nationals in speciality occupations where expert and technical personnel are required Under this programme US companies employ about 85000 skilled workers of foreign origin of these 20, 000 are foreign nationals who are in the US as students from foreign countries This student community which used to come to the US with hopes of studying , working and ultimately settling will now not find it easy to pursue their dreams.

A policy memorandum released by the US govt in April 2017 says that computer programmers will not be eligible for H1B Visas by default. The USCIS or the agency that monitor’s lawful immigration to the US , ( US Citizenship and Immigration Services) introduced the memorandum Rescission of the December 22 2000 “Guidance Memo on the H1B Computer related positions” This memo categorically states that “H1B Visa petitions from the year 2000 will no longer hold” It says that the 2000 memo had described all programmers as sharing a fundamental job, duty i.e writing and testing computer code “ and that it was improper to conclude based on this information that USCIS would “ generally consider the position of programmer to qualify as a speciality occupation” I have quoted these words directly so that it is clear how the US proposes to restrict the entry of students This is disheartening for the student community.

But as some experts feel we should not forget that most US based companies are dependent on IT Service Providers who provide both skilled and cost effective work force specially of Indian origin and that changes in the policy will greatly increase the cost and expenditure incurred by these companies which will not suit the US commercial and financial scene . So there is hope that there will not be drastic changes in the policy in future.

Because it is not only India or other foreign countries that are to lose even the US companies stand to incur losses.

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