UGC instructs higher education institutes to ensure 50 percentage of those graduating to get access to a job

Concerned about the rising unemployment among the graduates in the country, the University Grants Commission is contemplating on instructing every higher education institute to make sure that a minimum of 50% of the students who are graduating from their campuses are getting access to a job, self-employment or get to pursue higher education and two-thirds of the students are engaged in socially productive activities while studying. According to an ET report, UGC is likely to approve a set of targets and objectives for all higher education institutes that must be achieved by 2022 soon.

Five Point Objectives

According to the report, the five-point objectives billed as UGC mandate is focussed on ensuring that students are more employable, have requisite skills and are better engaged with society and industry. Besides asking institutes to ensure that at least 50% pass-outs are either employed or academically engaged, the UGC has mandated that student linkage with society and industry must be ensured by the institute so that at least two-thirds of the students enrolled “engage in socially productive activities”, said the report.

Imparting Professional Skills

Every institution will be asked to adopt at least five villages for exchange of knowledge and for the overall social and economic betterment of the local communities. What is more, around 75% students are to be compulsorily trained by the institute in professional skills including team work, communication, leadership and time management, besides being primed on the need for inculcating the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship and critical thinking, citing the mandate, the report pointed out.

Exit Test

Strongly centred on the student, the UGC will also call on institutes to continue to assess and handhold the students even as he passes out. The institute must, as per this mandate, put each passing students through an exit test to assess his learning levels and the student must be tracked for progress after course completion as well, the report said.

Other Focus Areas

The fourth objective will call for mandatory accreditation of every institute by 2022 with a minimum score of 2.5 from the National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC). Non-accredited institutes will be mentored so that they can get accreditation by 2022. The fifth key objective is to focus on the teacher with annual refresher courses and orientation modules on modern pedagogy and new developments in their domains of knowledge.

Teacher Vacancy

At no point, should teacher vacancies exceed 10% of total sanctioned strength, the UGC will instruct institutes. Reforms of the examination system to test concepts, shift to an outcome-based and regularly revised curriculum framework, induction programmes for students, modules on soft skills and ICT-based learning have been recommended as well, added the report.

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