Veterinary and Animal Sciences

When we talk about a degree in veterinary science the immediate job that comes to the mind is that of a veterinary doctor but there are many more jobs which are waiting for a veterinary graduate.

Famous Colleges in India which provide degrees in Veterinary Science-Indian Veterinary Research Institute Bareilly, National Dairy Research Institute Karnal, Govind Vallabh Pant Institute of Agriculture and Technology Pantnagar and many more, in fact, all the states have colleges for the veterinary course.

Courses include (i) Animal husbandry, (ii) Animal Health, (iii) Livestock Management, (iv) Animal Pathology, (v)Animal Microbiology and (vi)Animal Nutrition.  With the growth in schemes like Operation white revolution and other schemes for the improvement of milk and meat production and increase in the demands for poultry product, graduates dealing with animal welfare are suddenly into great demands.

Veterinary doctors are required not only in Veterinary hospitals but in wildlife sanctuaries, circuses, race courses, horse raising farms( stud farms) Cooperatives such as Gujarat co-operative milk marketing federation (Amul), Poultry farms, Zoos, Farm Management.

These days Private practice as a Veterinary doctor is also thriving, people take their pets to private Veterinary doctors for checkups. Certain laws have made it mandatory for proper health checkups of pets and this is where veterinary doctors are required.

Government Veterinary hospitals too require doctors to look after the health of animals. At times injured animals found in the jungles are brought to these doctors for help and treatment. Veterinary doctors are required to attend to slaughterhouses too it is only after the vet certifies the animal fit for human consumption does a butcher go ahead with the slaughter and sale of meat.

Increase in people’s interest in pets has brought out a new avenue in this field people are opening glamorous Vet hospitals where special care is taken of the animals. Exclusive kennels cater to the needs of dog lovers; the dogs are given manicures, pedicures shampoos, and haircuts.  Posh kennels are being run in cities where people leave their pet to be taken care of when they themselves go on vacations. And these kennels give 5-star treatments to the animals. These kennels also play host to other animals and provide them with proper care and look after all their need.

Some Vets have a clientele of exclusive business tycoons who own racehorses and keep vets to take care of every small needs and comfort of the horse and see to it that they are absolutely fit to take part in contests.  Thus a degree in Veterinary and Animal science is much in demand with a lucrative pay packet.

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