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Studying in the UK is a craze among all those Indian students who want to go abroad for education purposes is because all essential Courses are available there and within affordable range. A student graduates sooner here because courses offered here are shorter and more intensive and this less time taken is easy on the pocket too, you pay fees for a lesser or a shorter period.

In the UK, there is a good precedent that the universities are monitored closely to keep a check on them and to see that they uphold the high standards of teaching and learning. They also work hard to ensure a safe, caring and supportive environment for all students from abroad. The quality of UK universities and colleges is assessed by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).

The UK or England as we Indians call it is an ideal place to station and explore the rest of Europe. Low-cost airlines operate from UK airports, and international students from many countries apply for the EU Schengen Visa to allow them to visit other European countries also on this one VISA.

Backed by IDP’s well-established global network, international students receive expert information on the range of UK education options available to them. A trusted name for students looking for IDP counsellors are specialists in their field. They provide personalised service to students, advising them on the best ways to achieve their education and career goals.

The IDP boasts of the following points to their advantage:

  • Proud co-owner of IELTS
  • 420,000 students placed worldwide
  • Over 45 years of Experience
  • Partner to 200 Leading Universities worldwide
  • Global presence with 100 offices in 32 countries
  • Latest news and admission update
  • Direct interaction with university representatives
  • Learn with us how you can earn while learning
  • 550 Trained Education Counsellors

And the reason given for why should study in the UK are as follows:

  • Highly ranked universities with world-class standards
  • Well recognised and accredited degrees
  • A wide range of courses with flexible delivery options
  • International study exposure
  • Develops your English skills
  • Learn International tolerance and art of living
  • Excellent education with the liberal environment

One more reason for us Indians to want to study in the UK is that today we still hold Great Britain in awe; it’s the ultimate in glamour for us. For us Indians, the concept of studying abroad begins and ends with England as we call it an IDP adds to the convenience and affordability.

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