Ways to help misbehaving kids in school

All behavior patterns that children project are attention seeking Good behavior is also for seeking praise and popularity is as bad behaviour, when a person sees that he is not as good as the best and he is not receiving any recognition then he starts behaving badly so that teachers parents and the society, in general, are forced to take notice of him.

These children need a lot of emotional support especially from teachers because it’s the parents and teachers who a child always looks up to.

A few points to be followed when taking special care of an ill-behaved child is Pamper him, do not neglect him, praise him if he does something good Ignore his mistakes sometimes.

Sometimes talk to him privately tell him about his mistakes but not publicly, talk to him in the privacy of a room where only the two of you are. If you talk to him in front of others he will become adamant and stubborn He will feel as if his flaws are being made public and he will feel insulted.

Never react immediately to his misbehavior let him settle down because he knows he has done something wrong but wants to be stubborn about it so just ignore and tackle him later on.  When alone with him and when he is in a good mood tell him about the repercussions his behavior may have on his life at a later stage. Also, tell him that you love him a lot but his behavior forces you to be rude or strict with him

As a teacher you can tell him he is better than so many in classes and can even become the best if he picks up better manners, you may even site incidents from the past when he had been good and people had praised him so if he wants he can still become better with a little effort. Let him believe in himself in his capabilities and let him feel he is also capable of being loved.

As a parent, you can blackmail him emotionally by telling him that you love him more than his brother or sister but it’s his manners that make you scold him.

It is a very difficult task trying to make a child understand the feelings of others he is so steeped in self-pity and hatred for others that he ignores his own welfare but it has to be careful of so be patient and persevering it will take longer but these methods will give results.

A child is a seed nurture him care for him and he will grow into a big tree he will give shade and shelter and bear flowers and fruits. Neglect him and he may turn into a thorny bush giving sadness to others as well as to him which is very bad for his emotional well being.

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