What after B.Sc

You ask that question and I say it’s the world after BSc. Because BSc means graduation in science, and science is one stream which is required and which can fit in everywhere in all fields.  When we talk of careers after BSc the first things that come to mind are doctors to engineers but that is not the only option there are innumerable courses to be taken up after Bsc.

The most traditional courses on can opt for are the core subjects like BSc Physics BSC Chemistry BSc Math etc. Then it’s the applied science subjects like Bsc Computer Science, Microbiology etc.

As science students have the advantage of taking up any subject people even join courses like that of animation, journalism computer technology, hospitality sector etc.

If a candidate wishes to take up a master’s degree he can opt for MSc, MCA, and MBA

The latest technical short-term courses like JAVA, SAP.NET etc are also very good from the point of view of employment.

Health care providers, space research institutes, Agriculture industry, biotechnology-related fields, forest departments, hospitals forensic labs etc are a few among the many which provide a BSc graduate with good jobs and excellent pay. If we continue to search for jobs and careers fir for a BSc graduate we will never be able to finish because like I said a science graduate has the whole world at his feet no one stops him from entering any field of his choice. Even a course at the cookery institute requires science as a subject.

So after BSC, the only thing needed is your choice and your will and you can enter any course for further studies. Many students are confused – What after BSc?  What should I do? Is B.Sc sufficient to get a good job?  Where should I do my M.Sc?  Get help from a counselor?

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