What are the benefits of studying abroad than studying in India

One of the most significant decisions in the life of every student is where to study. With globalisation, India had opened its doors for international education. It was never this easy to pursue your dream in a foreign land. But to take the decision is tough. There are a few factors to consider when you make this decision of your lifetime. We help you with some considerations to keep in mind while taking the decision.


Pursue Your Dream

Education in a foreign land is a dream for many. And that dream is more achievable now than at any time in the past. A lot of colleges and universities in foreign countries are welcoming Indian students with open arms. They see a rich cultural value added in having Indian and Asian students in their courses. If your dream is to study in abroad, look for the admission procedures in these institutions.


A Foreign Degree

 A lot of employers give preferences to degrees obtained in internationally recognised universities like Harvard and Cornell over the degrees offered by small colleges in India. This is not to underestimate the quality of education in India. But a degree in a recognised foreign university gives you an advantage when applying for a job.


Global Exposure

 A new place will give you an opportunity to learn a different culture. With a global education there is a great opportunity that you will interact with people from different parts of the world with diverse social and economic backgrounds. Especially in technical and management education, this wide variety of ideologies will give you great value for the entire course.


Beyond Education

 It is no secret that foreign universities have superior research facilities than their Indian counterparts. If you are looking to pursue your career in research and development in the basic sciences or the most advanced technologies, foreign universities provide an opportunity that cannot be found in India.


Working Abroad

 If your interest is not in the research but to work in a foreign land, most countries now provide an extended visa period for students to search and find a job in the same state where you studied. Though some countries like the United States have strict regulations, there are countries like Germany and New Zealand who wants you to spend your brain for them.



 For anyone thinking about education in a foreign land, the first hurdle that comes to mind is the fees. Since the fee structures of foreign countries are based on the US Dollars, it might look daunting at first look. But worry not. Most of the foreign countries offer scholarship programs aimed at students coming from Asian countries. Look for one of the scholarship programs and the course will be very much affordable. With the increase in some international opportunities, banks are ready to support with educational loans provided you submit the right documents.
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